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Zapp’s Potato Chips from Louisiana

Rooting for the Saints this Sunday? You oughta have a bowl or two of Zapp’s chips out. The chips hail from Gramercy, Louisiana and are fried in peanut oil in kettles in a building that used to house the Foucheaux Chevrolet dealership. Flavors we have on hand include Voo Doo, Mesquite BBQ, Cajun Crawtator, Spicy Jalapeno, Dill Pickle & Regular. Who Dat!

If you’re a Colt fan, we’ve got sweet Kettle Corn and Cheddar popcorn popped in Popcorn, Indiana.

If you’re having guests, play it safe and set out a bowl of each!

Greene GrapeZapp’s Potato Chips from Louisiana
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Super Bowl! And Super Plate, too.

Mike Hayes brought in some great environmentally-friendly plates and bowls just in time for the Super Bowl. Verterra serving dishes are made only from two products: fallen palm leaves and water. They’re non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight and convenient. And they look equally stylish whether you’re filling them with Zapp’s potato chips from New Orleans or Kettle Corn from Indiana.

Greene GrapeSuper Bowl! And Super Plate, too.
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