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Natural Charcoal and Wood for Grilling

If you’re grilling this Memorial Day, try our all-natural, chemical-free Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Blend lump charcoal or briquettes. We also have fatwood kindling and cherry, hickory and apple wood chunks to add some flavor to your smoke.

Because they have no chemicals, these charcoal and briquettes take a little longer to get started – it is recommended that you use plenty of fatwood and a chimney to stack – but they burn hotter so you can use less. Your patience with the ignition process will be rewarded with an all-natural flame that imparts some natural wood flavor.

If you’re cooking something that needs a longer burn, try mixing briquettes with the lump charcoal. Add some cherry, hickory or apple wood to the mix and you’ve got the perfect recipe for sitting back and reflecting on the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day.

Greene GrapeNatural Charcoal and Wood for Grilling
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