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It’s a Nice Day for A White Whisky

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With apologies to Mr. Idol, we present our 2 American white whiskies: Corn Whisky from Tuthilltown Spirits in the Hudson Valley and Death’s Door White Whisky from Wisconsin.

As profiled in the Times this week, white whisky, “White Dog” or “moonshine” is the spirit base that ages in charred barrels to create bourbon or whisky. Prior to being put in barrels, the spirit is clear and a pure reflection of its base.

Death’s Door uses wheat and the resulting liquor reflects that grain with faint bready aromas. Tuthilltown distills from corn and their white whisky is permeated with corn notes, reminding us of buttered popcorn. Because of its vegetal origins, we’ve always thought it would make an amazing addition to a bloody mary, especially the McClure’s mix. Both of these white whiskies can be served chilled as a savory aperitif or digestif.

Greene GrapeIt’s a Nice Day for A White Whisky
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