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We Got The Mozz!

You may already know the joy of fresh mozzarella – a classic italian semi-soft cheese with a high moisture content. With a smooth, rich milk flavor and a slight tang, it is the perfect foil to ripe, sweet tomatoes and savory fragrant basil when layered in insalata caprese, drizzled with olive oil and lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper. Traditionally, mozzarella is eaten the same day it is made, ideally within hours.

We’re proud to announce that now you don’t have to travel to Italy (or the Brooklyn equivalent – Carroll Gardens) to enjoy mozzarella in the traditional manner. Thanks to Glenn and Jada, our cheese whizzes, we’re making fresh batches daily at Provisions. Yesterday we happened in upon Glenn at around 1 pm and he offered us a sample that was minutes old. Molto buono. If you find yourself in the store mid-day, ask us for a taste!

Jada and Glenn were entrepreneurial enough to suggest we try to make mozzarella but they were able to perfect their mozz under the tutelage of Waldemar Albrecht at the Artisanal Cheese Center in Manhattan thanks to a generous training grant from New York City’s Small Business Services. Grazie, NYC!

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Greene GrapeWe Got The Mozz!
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