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Victory is Steve’s

In an article in this morning’s New York Times, Eric Asimov decried the lack of good beer at the new Yankee stadium and ran down the best American craft brew pilsners. Batting lead-off at #1 on the list is our Victory Prima Pils, which Asimov describes as “crisp, floral and wonderfully refreshing with a lively, lingering bitterness.” Steve, beerman at Provisions, carries the large format of the Prima Pils in his regular lineup.

Pilsner is a light, thirst-quenching style of beer pioneered in the Czech Republic using bottom-fermenting techniques borrowed from Bavaria, Germany. The use of lightly toasted malts and bottom fermentation makes for a clear, golden beer with distinctive hop flavor. If you’re interested in conducting your own comparative tasting while watching the game at home with friends, Steve also recommends two german counterparts to the Prima Pils in our beer case: Pinkus Ur Pils (organic) and Radeberger.

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