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How To Travel & Still Drink Good Coffee

On average, this nation consumes about 400 million cups of coffee a day. And while food trends come and go, America’s favorite caffeinated beverage is less of a trend and more of an evolution. Who’d have guessed that we would be drinking cans of nitro cold brew in 2018! Thankfully at Provisions our buyers have a handle on sourcing great local products from people who really know their beans. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite ways to enjoy a cup of joe, while traveling, beating the heat, or enjoying a summer show. We’ve got something for everyone!

Parlor Coffee, Prospect 

For this small roaster located across from the Navy Yard, producing good beans means traveling far and wide for the perfect fair trade crop and connecting it with skilled roasters. Our buyer’s top pick  this month is Prospect. Half Ethiopia Kilenso Mokonisa, and half Colombia Frontera de Acevedo, this blend is distinctive floral and spiced notes are married to cocoa, grapefruit and marzipan. “I definitely feel that Parlor Coffee’s Prospect is amazing it reminds me of waking up in the morning with my grandmother when I was young.” – Miguel Franco, Provisions Coffee Buyer

Grady’s Cold Brew

Many of us will be traveling in the coming weeks, and a great cold brew coffee might be hard to come by. Which is why we recommend packing some of Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bags!
Through Direct Trade sourcing, Grady’s beans are bought responsibly and as they say, “Simply put, we brew with the best possible coffee. You know, like coffee grown in incredibly fertile, volcanic soil.”
Grady’s Cold Brew has a creamy mouthfeel with tasting notes of chocolate and caramel. Each can comes with easy to use pre portioned bags of their delicious blend. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have cold brew coffee all week long!

Pop & Bottle

Made from 100% organic ingredients, Pop & Bottle beverages are perfect to throw in your bag for a post-workout treat or pre-party pick-me-up! These plant-based lattes are delightful! Lightly sweetened with dates, their Cold Brew Almond Latte is blended with almond milk and Fair Trade organic coffee. Whether you’re treating your sweet tooth or need a caffeine boost, these delicious single-serve bottles are perfect for those on-the-go!

Rise Nitro Cold Brew

These nitrogen infused cold brew coffees are akin to drinking a stout in some ways. Brewed with organic , Fair Trade coffees RISE coffee beverages may not contain dairy, but the nitro creates a creamy mouthfeel and distinctive cascade. New to our shelves is their latest flavor, Blood Orange! Fruity and fun, this sparkling coffee juice-blend is perfect for crushing before your summer concert, or taking to the beach!

For more info about how source great products visit our Not Your Average Grocer page.
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Angela GelsoHow To Travel & Still Drink Good Coffee
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