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Only Three Turkeys Left

Last minuters, listen up! We’ve only got two 12lb all natural and one 12lb heritage turkeys left in the Brooklyn food store. Call (718) 233-2700 for dibs. We might even be able to arrange for delivery by 3pm.


Greene GrapeOnly Three Turkeys Left
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Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving is sooner than you think so reserve your bird! This year The Greene Grape offers all-natural turkeys from Amish & Mennonite farms in Lancaster County for $3.99/lb in sizes ranging from 8 to 16 lbs. They’re raised on a 100% vegetarian, wholesome grain diet of corn and soy beans, with no animal by-products, antibiotics, growth stimulants or gluten. Their environment gives them free-range access to the outdoors where they benefit from natural sunlight and fresh air, both of which contribute to the overall quality and flavor of the birds. The result is a delightfully tender, moist turkey with superb taste. If you would like to order organic ($5.99/lb), heritage ($9.99/lb), or wild turkey ($11.99), just place a special request with us. Additionally, if you desire an alternative to the traditional, our Butcher can order and prepare ham, goose, duck, Cornish hens–you name it and he can get it for you.

All orders will be available for pick up starting Tuesday, November 24 during normal store hours. Thanksgiving Day hours are 8 AM -3PM.

Greene GrapeTalking Turkey
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