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Today: Aperitif, Garden Walk, Dessert

Today is the Fort Greene Garden Walk sponsored by the Brownstone Brooklyn Garden District. Tickets and maps are available at Provisions and some of our wee ones decorated corners near stops on the tour. As you can see, we’ve kept the little graffiti artists anonymous lest they get cracked down upon.

From noon to 5pm, the Brooklyn wine store will pour Aperitivos (prosecco and Aperol plus soda and orange) as an aperitif to the Walk. Save room for dessert, though! From 4-6 pm today at Provisions, TCHO chocolate will visit to give free tastes!

Greene GrapeToday: Aperitif, Garden Walk, Dessert
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TCHO: Chocolate 2.0?

When you bill yourself as the chocolate with “the vision and energy of a Silicon Valley start-up,” you gotta beta-test. And indeed, in coming up with the proprietary blend of beans to put in their “fruity”, “nutty” and “citrusy” bars, TCHO beta-tested the bejeezus out of them over the course of a year. If you’re interested in what your fellow human beings find best captures these qualities in chocolate, stop by Provisions this Sunday, June 14 from 4pm-6pm when we’ll be providing free tastes. We are skeptical only because they also beta-tested the bar that they labeled “chocolatey.” But wait, aren’t they all . . . oh, well, nevermind.

In other beta-testing news, in the Manhattan store we are doing a trial run with a new web-based point of sale system powered by ShopKeep. They’re accepting new stores for beta-testing now, check it out!

Greene GrapeTCHO: Chocolate 2.0?
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