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Chocolate Bookends for the Weekend

Unfortunately we can’t make the sun shine for you this weekend. But with the weather looking like 5 straight days of more rain, we thought you might appreciate chocolate tastings to bookend your weekend. Tonight from 4pm-7pm, we welcome Taza chocolate and on Monday from 5pm-7pm, we welcome Daniel from Fine & Raw.

Taza stonegrinds its chocolate with a Oaxacan mill, the perfect tool to fabricate true mexican chocolate. Sabrina admits to nibbling on their mexican chocolate discs straight but they are also useful pantry staples. They can be used to make a mole sauce for enchiladas (try with our Hot Bread Kitchen tortillas) and in winter (or on dreary summer days), they make a true taza of mexican hot chocolate – a frothy, spicy chocolate drink traditionally made with water, not milk.

Greene GrapeChocolate Bookends for the Weekend
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