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Green Eggs

We are looking for simple, easy recipes using fresh ingredients for the blog and are offering a $20 credit at Provisions if we use your recipe. Our first submission ended up being two posts. Neighbor Tanya gave us a great recipe for eggs and then mentioned in passing that they could be served with roasted apples and potatoes. So we got her recipe for that too! We try every recipe before we post so don’t worry about exact amounts or techniques.

If you’ve got kids, you did the “find something green to wear” thing this morning – these eggs make a great simple dinner to continue the green theme.

Green scrambled Eggs:

2 eggs
2 egg whites (we just used 4 eggs)
handful of baby spinach
large splash of milk
salt and pepper
tablespoon of cream cheese or goat cheese
optional: finely sliced chives (added with the spinach)

Stack spinach leaves and finely slice (chiffonade) with a sharp knife, then finely chop the spinach. Place all ingredients, except the cheese, in a non-stick pan. Cook on medium heat, regularly scraping the bottom with a heat proof rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Add the cheese, in little crumbled bits, when the eggs are cooked some, but still very runny then continue cooking until eggs are as firm as you like them.

Greene GrapeGreen Eggs
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