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Luminous Kitchens Bum Bars

Having worked through lunch and right up to the last minute, we were late to see Alain de Botton speak about his book “The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work” and needed a snack to tide us over. Right by the register we found the perfect thing – an Apricot Bum Bar from Luminous Kitchens. All-natural, calorie-dense fuel for your busy NYC lifestyle.

How apt the snack. De Botton spoke eloquently on how the workforce at a large UK cookie manufacturer felt alienated because they were too distant from the products they make to care about their jobs. Luminous Kitchen Bum Bars, the antithesis of industrially-produced biscuits, are handcrafted in small batches. In the store tonight after 7 pm you can meet Doug who will sample his apricot, hemp and peanut butter bum bars. Ask him how close to his product he feels. To give you a hint, after the tasting he may go to Long Island City to bake until the wee morning hours . . .

NYPL Live!, where we saw de Botton speak, is the best $25 ticket in New York. This year’s season is almost done but get thee on their olde mailing liste – their events are thought provoking and you will emerge refreshed, optimistic and intellectually satisfied.

Greene GrapeLuminous Kitchens Bum Bars
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