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Put a moringa on it.

Winter hibernation mode is often balanced by the adoption of a new workout routine, diet, or consumption of foods that will make us at least feel like we made it to the gym. The wellness industry is rising in popularity and the latest food trends lean on the benefits of natural ingredients and sources of energy. Super Moringa is no exception. Known as the Drumstick Tree or “Tree of Life,” and originating from South Asia. This powerhouse plant is said to be one of the most nutritious greens on the planet! Packed with an arsenal of amino acids, antioxidants and protein, moringa is sure to give you a super boost—and it doesn’t skimp on flavor! Zaamroot moringa powder is produced by a South Asian sister duo and is ethically sourced from women-owned farms in Zambia, where they grew up. There are a plethora of ways to use this powder, simply mix into your favorite smoothie or spruce it up for an instagram-worthy moringa smoothie bowl!

For busy bees on-the-go, Kuli Kuli dreamed up these delectable moringa energy bars that are a great alternative to granola. Encouraged as a “salad in a bar”, they contain a generous amount of protein, iron, calcium, along with all the benefits of a half cup of leafy moringa. As if that wasn’t enough, envision a delicious almond butter bar mixed with dates, and dressed in a rich dark chocolate. You’ll completely forget you’re eating something good for your body! If you’re hesitant to hop on the moringa train, these energy bars will swipe you in. Your taste buds will remember the ride and get a bonus serving of veggies along the way.

Angela GelsoPut a moringa on it.
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