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Spread Shrub, It’s The Brooklyn Way

What’s shrub got to do with it? Shrub is not a bush, but a refreshing mixer perfect for summer beverages. Popular during America’s colonial era, shrubs were a means of preserving fruit flavors prior to the invention of refrigeration and industrially processed foods. But like many traditional recipes, shrubs are now making a comeback! Also known as drinking vinegar, shrubs are an acidulated syrup made from fruits, vinegar, and sugar. A versatile concentrate for cocktails and softdrinks, try a lime shrub with tequila for an easy margarita, or dilute a strawberry shrub with seltzer for a funky soda similar to kombucha.

We’re excited to showcase two shrubs this summer, both made near Washington DC. Shrub District infuses vinegar and simple syrup with locally grown fruits and herbs, and is sold as a concentrate. It can be combined with seltzer to taste, with or without your favorite spirit, and each bottle comes with unique recipes on the label. For shrubs on the fly, check out Element Shrub‘s newest line Shrub & Club. Though Element makes lovely syrups, this ingenious ready-to-drink shrub is pre-balanced with club soda right in the bottle. Delicious chilled straight or poured over ice with your favorite spirit!

If you feel like getting creative, both Shrub District and Element have even more fun recipes listed on their websites. Whether you enjoy a buzz or prefer a clear head on a hot day, shrubs are a refreshing, bright way to celebrate the best of Summer’s bounty!

Angela GelsoSpread Shrub, It’s The Brooklyn Way
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Micheladas for Cinco de Mayo

While abstaining from alcohol during three pregnancies we craved the certain bitterness and bite that alcohol provides to a drink. All of the non-alcoholic beers we tried seemed too sweet and bloody mary mix undiluted by vodka was too thick and rich. One day genius struck. Looking at our half-finished non-nonalcoholic beer and the dregs of a virgin bloody, we decided to combine the two. Voilà! You needn’t now convince us of the compatibility of savory and hot spices and beer.

A michelada is basically spiced beer with fresh lime. So if you’re looking for something new (and less labor-intensive from a lime-juicing perspective than a margarita), try a michelada today. Oh and if you’re looking for alcohol-free alternatives and can’t stand the sweetness of nonalcoholic beer, try spicing it up using this recipe!

Michelada recipe

12 oz beer
1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
2 dashes hot sauce (try Greene’s Gourmet of Vermont’s Atomic Habanero, pictured but only use one dash!!)
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

Pour beer over ice, add lime juice, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce and stir.

Greene GrapeMicheladas for Cinco de Mayo
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