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Streit’s Matzos

Streit’s matzos are a classic New York foodstuff. Founded in 1925, Streit’s is still run by descendants of Aron Streit making it the only family-owned and run matzo maker in the United States. And, defying the recent real estate boom that made manufacturers flee for the outer boroughs and suburbs, Streit’s are still made on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the same buildings where they were first baked. A family tradition handed down from generation to generation, they make a perfect addition to your holiday table.

Provisions also carries matzo meal and everything else you need for Seder, from bitter herbs to shank bone. In the Brooklyn wine store, we have kosher wines and a new kosher spirit, Jelinek slivovitz, a plum eau de vie from the Czech Republic. L’Chaim!

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