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As in “Where’s the Fudge?”

We need to get the 88th Precinct on this brazen case of theft. At the beginning of the weekend we had a full container of our new “Fudge is My Life” dark chocolate sauce and now it looks like this. The only other thing the perps took was a half a pint of Adirondack Creamery vanilla ice cream.

We suspect an inside job. The sauce was open and kept in an unlocked fridge. Because the fudge is sweetened with honey and sugar, not corn syrup, we have high hopes for our “sting” operation using a jar of the mint dark chocolate sauce. If that doesn’t work, we’ll crack the case anyway using old-fashioned detective work. They appear to have gotten every last taste out of the jar using their fingers.

Remember, it’s almost ice cream season. So stay safe out there. And keep an extra jar hidden in the crisper.

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