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Rosé Wine Tasting Tonight 5-7pm

Every Memorial Day weekend, we do a rose tasting. If wines can have personalities, roses are sunny, happy wines that make the perfect summer party guests. They mingle nicely with almost every food and even the most expensive non-sparkling roses run only $50 at the so there’s no fear of wine snobbery ruining a party.

Friday from 5-7pm you can try five of our roses side-by-side and see which one you prefer. The folks from Fort Cheese at Provisions will bring along two goat cheeses to accompany the wines and this weekend only if you buy 6 or more wines, you can take 10% off.

Join us at the tasting for a roaring good time. We’ll be pouring:

Paumanok Dry Rose 2009 ($19.25) – beautiful, light, local rose from the North Fork.

Chateau de Roquefort Corail Rose 2009 ($17.50) – Provence rose with light red fruits and delicious acidity from a classic French rose region.

Il Mimo Rosato 2009 ($17.00) – big juicy Italian wine from the Piemonte region made with the lofty nebbiolo grape. A red wine drinker’s rose.

Pannonhalmi Apatsagi Rose 2009 ($13.00) – lighter, easy-drinking rose from the lesser known wine producing country of Hungary.

Nigl Zweigelt Rose 2009 ($20.50) – complex and refreshing, with red fruits and herbal notes from a renowned Austrian producer.

Remember with every receipt from Provisions for $10 or more, you can take 5% off your wine purchase.

Greene GrapeRosé Wine Tasting Tonight 5-7pm
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Have with Ham, Have with Lamb

We hope you join us tonight, Friday April 2 from 5-8pm in both the Brooklyn & Manhattan wine stores to taste our annual staff picks for your Easter spread – a red, white and rose for ham and a red for lamb. Like lamb and ham, these wines are not just for Easter anymore.

Leth Gruner Veltliner 2008

Lean and balanced, this Austrian Gruner Veltliner is a versatile food wine that goes particularly well with ham and other pork dishes but is often overlooked in favor of our cheaper pop-top Gruners. Its minerality and subtle fruitiness will mingle nicely with the saltiness of the ham. This is a dry white, with flavors of white pepper and a hint of white flowers.

Chateau de Roquefort Corail Rosé 2009

We just got in the new vintage of this store favorite – the only rosé we carried through the winter. The bright strawberry and raspberry fruit of this Provençal rosé will provide a nice counterpoint to the saltiness of the ham while the lively acidity will quench your thirst and cleanse your palate of the fattiness of the meat, making you crave the next savory bite. The vineyards are located just over the ridge from the famed (and accordingly-priced) Bandol region.

Friedrich Becker Estate Pinot Noir 2007

A pure, juicy, elegant wine with taut balance, this is the perfect red wine to enjoy with ham. Unlike a bigger, more tannic red, this light-bodied wine with red fruit essences will harmonize with the dish rather than overwhelm it. Often overlooked because it is German, this is Mike’s favorite pinot at this price.

Paul Autard Cotes-du-Rhône 2008

Bored with Bordeaux? Though the standard pair for lamb is Bordeaux, this year Mike recommends a Côtes-du-Rhone – and in particular our Paul Autard 2008. Grenache provides structure and body and Syrah gives an earthy undertone that will complement flavorful, rich lamb meat. You’ll find plum, cherry, and lavender supported by very firm tannins. This is a big wine.

Manhattan will be tasting Stift Goettwigg Messwein 2008, Fleur de California Vin Gris 2009, Friedrich Becker Estate Pinot Noir 2007 & Chateau Haut Lignieres Le 1er Faugeres 2007.

Greene GrapeHave with Ham, Have with Lamb
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Have with Ham

For those lucky ducks who pre-ordered the whole applewood-smoked bone-in heritage hams from D’Artagnan (now sold out), we polled our wine gurus for what wine they’d pour. Seth says you can’t go wrong with any of his rieslings. Mike agrees but also adds:

With ham I would even serve a rosé like our new Chateau de Roquefort Corail Rosé 2008. The vineyards are just over the ridge from Bandol and the wine has bright strawberry and raspberry fruit with lively acidity and a nice clean finish. For red, I’d go lighter bodied like Artazuri Garnacha 2007. An incredible value, it is a fresh and fruity wine, with an underlying minerality that is great with or without food. Another solid option is the Clos Roche Gamay 2007, a spicy, certified organic, light-bodied red. Try serving it chilled. Or even the Vivalda Dolcetto 2007. Its low acidity and low tannin makes it thoroughly gulpable and at the same time surprisingly versatile when pairing with food. Vivalda’s dolcetto is aged for 3 to 4 months in stainless steel, keeping intact the intense bouquet and clean, bright cherry fruit.

All these wine options are under $20, so you can’t go wrong. Hop on over to the wine store with a receipt for $10 or more from the food store and take 5% off your wine.

Greene GrapeHave with Ham
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