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Tuesday is Burger Night

Terry the butcher features innovative burgers at the butcher counter on Tuesdays.  They’re pre-made patties just ready for you to cook.  In the regular rotation are umami burgers, made with Umami No. 5 paste, and bistro burgers, a combination of veal, beef, cornichons, etc.

Today’s burgers are the bacon cheese burger and the mexican fiesta.  The bacon cheese burger is all beef and is a mix of short rib and brisket, ground with applewood smoked bacon and aged grafton cheddar.  The Mexican fiesta is a blend of grass-fed beef and pork with cilantro, chile pepper, cumin, and pepper jack cheese.

We’re sourcing all the meat in our case from within 200 miles now and the veal, beef and pork all come from Arcadian Pastures, Stone & Thistle farms & Slope Farms.


Greene GrapeTuesday is Burger Night
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