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Ginger Ginger Ale Tasting & Moscow Mule Recipe

Today from 2-4pm at Provisions taste ginger ale made with real ginger, not ginger extract. This ginger ale was made in house at restaurants run by Bruce Cost and its popularity spurred him to bottle and sell it.

In three flavors, original, jasmine and pomegranate hibiscus, this gingery beverage is fast becoming one of our favorite summer sips. Real bits of ginger float in the bottom and give it a special kick. It mixes well in place of ginger beer or ginger ale with bourbon to make a Presbyterian cocktail or with vodka and lime in a Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mule Recipe

2 oz. vodka
1 oz. fresh lime juice
4 oz. ginger beer or ginger ale
lime wedge

Pour the vodka and the lime juice into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Top with ginger beer or ginger ale and stir briefly. Squeeze the lime wedge into the drink then drop it in.

Greene GrapeGinger Ginger Ale Tasting & Moscow Mule Recipe
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Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale

We’ve got ginger ale made from fresh ginger, not extract, in the beverage cases. Made from fresh ginger, cane sugar and seltzer, it is unfiltered which means it is a bit cloudy with bits of real ginger in it. In addition to the original flavor, we also have one with jasmine tea in it and one with pomegranate and hibiscus. The NY Times article about these ginger ales last week recommended adding some dark rum to the fresh ginger flavor to make a Dark and Stormy Cocktail. With summer on the horizon, we also recommend using it in a Presbyterian cocktail, a great way to lighten up bourbon.

Presbyterian Cocktail

1.5 oz bourbon
3 oz ginger ale
3 oz soda water

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add bourbon, add ginger ale and soda and stir.

Greene GrapeFresh Ginger Ginger Ale
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