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Burger Tuesday!

Terry the butcher reports that tonight’s burgers are going to be pretty special. He writes: All of the meat is 30 day dry aged, and the patties will be prepared simply with salt pepper, garlic and onion. Our dry aged beef tastes like butter!

If you missed it, Terry was profiled by Scoutmob recently as one of only 3 butchers in New York who gets whole animals and cuts them down and who sources farm-direct from less than 200 miles away. In the accompanying video, Terry demonstrates how to cut down a whole pig. Click here for the whole article and video.

Greene GrapeBurger Tuesday!
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Humanely Raised Veal

Just yesterday Terry and his butcher staff got a delivery of whole pastured veal and they’ve already broken it down and turned it into some exciting new additions to the meat case.

Try The Currant Event, a veal sausage made with fresh veal, heritage pork, dried currants and cranberries, smoked paprika and a little whole grain mustard. He’s also made meatballs with ground veal and heritage pork with lots of fresh herbs, garlic, onion and Pecorino cheese.  Other cuts and stew meat are available, just stop by the butcher counter and ask!

We are committed to only offering pastured, humanely-raised veal.  Humanely raised veal means that the calves were free to roam, never tethered or raised in confinement and were never administered growth hormones or antibiotics.  Our veal comes from Slope Farms in upstate New York.

Greene GrapeHumanely Raised Veal
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Days of Wine & Sausages

This Friday from 5-8pm try Provisions’ Garden Sausage,  a blend of pork belly, roasted garlic, fresh basil, oregano & lemon zest paired with a Dolcetto D’Alba Lorenzino 2009 from Germano Ettore ($18.75), an italian red full of cherry fruit, and Foris Rogue Valley Pinot Gris 2008 ($16.50), an Oregon white that the NY Times called “elegant and juicy” and selected as a ‘Best Value’ wine.

Their sausages got Terry and his staff noticed in the NY Times as one of 3 Brooklyn butchers who “apply real creativity to their sausage craft.”  Sourced directly from upstate NY farm Arcadian Pastures, the pork in our sausages comes from Gloucester Old Spot heritage pigs, a breed known for their high fat ratio and succulent flavor.  Rotating sausage varieties (& Mike’s suggested wine pairs):

Merguez –  grass-fed beef and lamb with harissa paste, fresh garlic, ground fennel seed and cayenne, try with Quinto do Feital Auratus Alvarinho-Tradajura 2009 ($17.50), a Portuguese white

Fresh Chorizo – ground heritage pork, fresh garlic, red wine vinegar, smoky chipotle peppers and a splash of Cabrito Blanco Tequila ($24), try with Bodegas Saenz de Santamaria Rondan Crianza 2007 ($14.50), a Spanish red
Miso Scallion – pork belly with white miso paste, chopped scallion, a dash of soy sauce and rice vinegar, try with Domaine Edmond Cornu et Fils Bourgogne Rouge 2006 ($23.50), a French red

Saigon – pork belly and laughing bird shrimp with quick pickled carrots, chopped peanuts, fresh cilantro and a touch of hot sesame oil, try with Weingut Keller Rheinhessen Riesling Trocken 2009 ($19.75), a German white

Maple Sausage – A weekend favorite, combines pork, homemade bacon bits, sauteed onions, fresh sage, jalapeno and, of course, vermont maple syrup, try with juice, an American orange

Greene GrapeDays of Wine & Sausages
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Tuesday’s Burgers

Terry the butcher features innovative burgers at the butcher counter on Tuesdays.  They’re pre-made patties just ready for you to cook and are made with meat sourced from within 200 miles of the store.  Our veal, beef, lamb & pork all comes from Arcadian Pastures, Stone & Thistle farms & Slope Farms, all upstate NY.

Tonight’s burgers are bacon cheese burger and a lamb feta burger.  The bacon cheese burger is all grass-fed beef and is a mix of short rib and brisket, ground with applewood smoked bacon and aged grafton cheddar.  The The lamb burger is pasture-raised lamb from Arcadian Pastures mixed with fresh parsley and feta cheese.  These burgers need no condiments or complements, they are delicious just on a plate or a bun.


Greene GrapeTuesday’s Burgers
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