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Our Butcher’s Price Chopping Secrets

Our butcher reveals all about economical “off-cuts” in a Tasting Table post yesterday. In case you missed it, here are his four favorite recommendations. For the full article click here.

Chicken steak ($7 a pound) This cut gets its name from that Southern staple, the chicken-fried steak. Mayer cuts his thicker for a more classic appearance, and says it’s equally great battered and fried or simply grilled.

Faux hanger ($10 a pound) Also know as the sirloin flap, this skinny steak dangles off the loin. Seared hard on all sides to give it a nice crust, this cut’s texture is similar to the one-per-cow hanger steak, a butcher’s favorite.

Faux tenderloin ($10 a pound) This lean steak feels and tastes like a tenderloin, but it’s cut from a muscle (the terrace major) that sits on top of the shoulder blade. Mayer wraps each slab in bacon, which seasons the meat as it roasts.

Flat iron ($8 a pound) Of the four, this steak is the most popular among local chefs. Also cut from the shoulder, it needs a couple of whacks from a meat tenderizer before getting a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper and a few minutes per side in a hot-and-heavy skillet.

Tasting Table offers great daily foodie news in email form. Many members of our staff follow it to keep au courant on what’s new and interesting in the food world. Past Tasting Table featured artisan Brooklyn Brine pickles will be in Provisions this Saturday, Jan. 9 from 5-7pm sampling their pickled local produce and of course we’ve got Liddabit Sweets’s chocolates and confections. To sign up for Tasting Table’s daily email, click here.

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