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It’s Going to be Nuts this Weekend

First off, we have to say we were sold on the taste first. A mix of organic pecans, cashews and almonds toasted with savory spices and then drizzled with white, milk and dark chocolates, Bobby Sue’s Nuts are addictive. They’re drizzled, not dipped, in chocolate, which adds just enough sweetness to be pleasing but not so much to tire the palate. Join us on Saturday, February 20 from 1-3pm to taste for yourself!

In addition to being a perfect protein potion, Bobby Sue’s nuts are also produced locally – in Chappaqua, NY, to be precise, and a portion of the proceeds of sales of her specialty nuts are dedicated to building animal shelters and supporting animal welfare. Now we dare you to find a reason NOT to eat them.

In addition to Bobby Sue’s visit, we just heard from Michela and Carlo of Palazzetto Ardi that she’s baked a special bread to serve with their Cabernet Sauvignon at this weekend’s tastings. She’s tweaked the recipe of a bread traditionally dipped in red wine in their region in the Gambellara so that baked inside is a mix of their cabernet and chopped walnuts. If you make it to one tasting this year, make it to this one!

Greene GrapeIt’s Going to be Nuts this Weekend
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