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Aperol Spritz a/k/a Aperitivo

Stop by the wine store tonight, Thursday May 20 from 6-8pm and try an Aperitivo cocktail made with Aperol. The “Aperol Spritz”, “Aperol Prosecco” or “Aperitivo” if you’re in Venice, is a great summer cocktail – brightly colored, citrusy, not too sweet, fizzy, easy to make – what’s not to like?

Aperol is another one of those european secret ingredient liqueurs – this one from Italy. Orange and rhubarb are at least two of the ingredients and it has a bitter orange flavor when served straight on the rocks. The bright orangey-red color always gets Aperol compared to Campari and we have to say it has a similar flavor profile but is more sweet and mellow.

Aperitivo Cocktail

1 oz Aperol
2 oz prosecco (we used Pisani)
splash of soda
slice of orange

In wine glass filled with ice, pour Aperol, prosecco and soda. Stir gently until mixed. Add slice of orange, twisting to release some juice and placing in the glass or simply use orange slice as garnish.

Greene GrapeAperol Spritz a/k/a Aperitivo
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Today: Aperitif, Garden Walk, Dessert

Today is the Fort Greene Garden Walk sponsored by the Brownstone Brooklyn Garden District. Tickets and maps are available at Provisions and some of our wee ones decorated corners near stops on the tour. As you can see, we’ve kept the little graffiti artists anonymous lest they get cracked down upon.

From noon to 5pm, the Brooklyn wine store will pour Aperitivos (prosecco and Aperol plus soda and orange) as an aperitif to the Walk. Save room for dessert, though! From 4-6 pm today at Provisions, TCHO chocolate will visit to give free tastes!

Greene GrapeToday: Aperitif, Garden Walk, Dessert
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