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Akiko’s Cookies

A japanese pastry chef, Akiko experiments with typical japanese flavors and ingredients in the more western cookie format. She calls these “sweets for adults” and it’s true, our kids didn’t much care for them. Which makes them the perfect cookie in our book – one a parent can eat alone, in silence. Though it is nice to share, it is also nice not to have to.

We’re most fond of the Kagoshima, made with green tea and shochu, a sweet potato vodka, because it is so unique – and makes a great tea break even if you don’t have time to make tea. The Aphrodite contains more traditional cookie flavors like chocolate and macadamia nuts. The cookies are individually wrapped in brown parchment paper and they can be rebaked in the oven in their individual wrappers for a fresh-baked treat.

Akiko will be in the store sampling the cookies from 2-4pm on Easter Sunday! Enjoy!

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