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Made with Integrity, Skill and Pride

We strive to provide customers with a logical line of staple, seasonal, and specialty items for the pantry. It is our mission to provide goods made with integrity, skill and pride and we seek local vendors and small producers who share those values. 

Whenever possible, we strive to stock foods that are produced within the standards of the Good Food Movement and HowGood, including, but not limited to:

  • Ingredients
    • Are grown locally to the producer with respect for seasonality
    • Are grown without synthetic herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers, and without GMOs
  • Producers
    • Provide transparency in the supply chain, or have other certifications like Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc.
    • Use fair labor practices
    • Practice good animal husbandry and humane animal handling
  • Products
    • Have attractive packaging that sell themselves, would look good in a basket, and are effectively designed for the product they contain
    • Are a fair price to both the producer and the customer
    • Taste great!

As we have been in business for quite some time, many of the products we carry are already well established, popular items. We constantly assess whether customers are still wowed by our selection, and whether the product still meets our standards.

Questions about how to get a product on our shelf or wondering what happened to an old favorite? Email us at [email protected]

From catering to delivery, we offer multiple ways to satiate your palate.

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