Zahel Komposition & Christ Weissburgunder

Join us tonight, Friday March 4 from 6-8pm at the wine store as we waltz through a few bargain Austrian wines and sample some country pate from Brooklyn Cured. Scott Bridi, founder of Brooklyn Cured will also be sampling his charcuterie at Provisions from 6-8pm.

When renowned wine importers Paul Darcy & Carlo Huber (who were profiled in the NY Times a year ago for their “exquisite” Viennese wines) parted ways with their NY distributor, a lot of their wines went on sale. We were able to pick up a few of these wines and are happy to offer them at a third off their original prices. We have limited amounts of these wines so first come, first served.

We’ll pour:

Weingut Christ Weissburgunder der Vollmondwein 2007 ($19)
Available elsewhere for $28, this delicious white is pure and peachy with a stony finish. Weissburgunder, which is what Pinot Blanc is called in Austria and Germany, commands a premium price and develops ideally in the relatively cooler climes of northern Europe.

Zahel Komposition 2008 ($18)
Available elsewhere for $25, this delightful red blend of Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt and St. Laurent has a slightly violet tinge, intense cherry flavors and light tannins.

Order Christ Weissburgunder 2007 & Zahel Komposition 2008 online.

Greene GrapeZahel Komposition & Christ Weissburgunder
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Schiava & Hoch Ybrig Tasting Saturday

Saturday, February 26 from 5-7pm please join us at the wine store to taste Weingut Gumphof Sudtiroler Vernatsch Schiava 2009, a red from the Italian alps, along with Hoch Ybrig, a Swiss alpine cheese from master affineur Rolf Beeler.

Hoch Ybrig is bathed in white wine during maturation, adding a pungent fruity zest to this walnutty, Gruyere-style raw cow milk mountain cheese. It has notes of dried apricot, fir trees and Amontillado sherry and a big, complex flavor. Try with a drizzle of buckwheat honey!

Greene GrapeSchiava & Hoch Ybrig Tasting Saturday
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Napf Beeler & Riesling

This Friday 6-8pm at the wine store sample Napf Beeler, a firm cow’s milk cheese that has notes of herbs, flowers and grasses. The product of a collaboration between famed Swiss affineur Rolf Beeler and a cheesemaker from the Napf region, this cheese was nominated for Best New Cheese or Dairy Product at the Sofi awards this summer (the Oscars of Cheese!).

We’ll pair the Napf with the return of a renowned riesling, Washington State’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2010, a wine that ran out way too soon on the 2009 vintage and that we’re happy to have back in the store while the 2010 lasts.

Greene GrapeNapf Beeler & Riesling
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Petit Chapeau Cotes du Rhone 2009

We’re thrilled to have gotten a limited supply of the NY Times Best Value Cotes du Rhone from the 2009 vintage, Petit Chapeau ($11).

We’re about halfway through our allotment of this wine so if you’ve tried it and love it as much as we do, stock up! At this price, it is a buy-by-the-case house wine.

Order Petit Chapeau Cotes-du-Rhone 2009 ($11/bottle or $132/case of 12 bottles) online or call us at (718) 797-9463.

Greene GrapePetit Chapeau Cotes du Rhone 2009
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Petit Chapeau Cotes-du-Rhone 2009

‘Best Value’ Cotes du Rhone 2009 in the New York Times and described  by Eric Asimov as having “surprising complexity, with restrained flavors of smoky, earthy fruit and herbs,” this special selection of famed sommelier Daniel Johnnes is a VERY special deal at $11.

As wine director for Daniel Boulud’s restaurants and the recipient of a James Beard award for wine, Daniel Johnnes represents the pinnacle of palates in wine.  The ‘Petit Chapeau’ line allows Daniel, in his own words,  to “explore a fantasy of mine. They allow me to customize a wine either to my own desires and tastes, or to those of a client. They allow me to work with a winemaker and make a blend and a selection based on my taste that stretches beyond what I am offered.”

We’re beyond beyond to offer Petit Chapeau Cotes-du-Rhone 2009 at $11 a bottle but only have a limited supply.  Van delivery available in New York City on Mondays and Thursdays and local delivery available every day. 

Order the Petit Chapeau Cotes-du-Rhone 2009.

Greene GrapePetit Chapeau Cotes-du-Rhone 2009
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Jean Velut Champagne & Cupid’s Choice Camembert

Tonight as part of FAB Fridays, from 5-8pm we’re popping open our Jean Velut Champagne Brut NV ($42.75) at the wine store and sampling Old Chatham Sheepherding Company’s Camembert from the Hudson Valley at the cheese counter at Provisions.  Just for Valentine’s we have the Camembert available in mini-heart shapes perfectly proportioned for two.  They are an ideal accompaniment to champagne.

Greene GrapeJean Velut Champagne & Cupid’s Choice Camembert
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Brunello & Brownies

This Saturday from 5-7pm at the wine store meet Lisa Hill-Ries, founder of Girl Next Door Baked Goods that is located literally next door in Clinton Hill!  We’ll try her tipsy (bourbon and cherry) and cheesy (cream cheese streaked) brownies along with our wine of the week, Tenuta Maselli Brunello di Montalcino 2005 ($29).

Brunello di Montalcino never comes cheap.  After all, time is money.  By law, no Brunello can go to market without being aged 2 years in oak and another 4 months in the bottle.  Fanatical producers won’t release before peak perfection, which can be another three years or more.  No wonder there has been consolidation in this famous italian region, with smaller traditional Brunello producers selling their vineyards.  Imagine having to wait 6 years to get paid for your work!

As part of the purchase price of one estate, a well-known producer received a small amount of classicly-styled Brunello at its peak.  The wine had spent 30 months in oak and another 3 years aging in the bottle.  But the old winery’s brand was gone and the wine couldn’t bear the new winery’s label because they hadn’t made it.  The solution?  A new label, a price set to make the wine move and a special offer to ‘friends in the business’ (presumably to curry favor for the winery’s own higher-priced wines).  A major downtown restaurateur snapped up most of this wine but we were able to get 10 cases that we’re offering at $29 a bottle, easily the best value we’ve seen so far this year.  Under the old winery’s label, this wine would have commanded $60 or more.

Filled with notes of cherry and cedar, Tenuta Maselli Brunello di Montalcino 2005 represents old-school classic Brunello.  Use of traditional Slavonian oak (instead of the french oak barrels that are increasingly used to adapt Brunello to a more ‘modern’ style) allowed this wine to age elegantly.  A perfect pair to winter fare like roasts and stews, the cherry notes of the wine will also marry perfectly with chocolate, elevating both to sublime heights.  But don’t just take our word for it, join us on Saturday.

Greene GrapeBrunello & Brownies
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Big Bowl Wines

This Friday 5-8pm at the wine store we’ll taste our 3 liter boxed wines from Cantina Valpantena, a cooperative in northern Italy.  Perfect for Super Bowl entertaining, both Valpantena’s Garganega 2009 white ($22.50) and Corvina 2009 red ($22.50) contain the equivalent of four 750 ml bottles, which comes to around $5.63 a bottle.  We’ll serve the wines with a taste of Big Ed’s cheese from Wisconsin.  Raw milk, like a young gouda, it is mild, buttery and meltable.  And at just $13.99 a pound, it’s a great way to feed a crowd.

Greene GrapeBig Bowl Wines
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Pradeaux Rosé 2009

If you want to at least pretend it’s summer, look to Eric Asimov’s recent write up of rosé wines, “A Rosé Can Bloom in Winter, Too”.  He’s right about their ability to pair with food.   We’re also of the opinion that wine’s ability to transport you via your senses should definitely be used to further escapism, especially in these wintry months with the city looking like a bakery window with everything schmeared in frosting.  Sip our Chateau Pradeaux Bandol Rosé 2009, which Asimov calls “one of the greatest rosés in the world” and “deep and complex” and imagine yourself lolling in the hills of Bandol in Provence in August listening to the buzzing of the cigales, looking up at the shooting stars of the Perseides and inhaling the lovely scent of lavender and garrigue.

Greene GrapePradeaux Rosé 2009
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Days of Wine & Sausages

This Friday from 5-8pm try Provisions’ Garden Sausage,  a blend of pork belly, roasted garlic, fresh basil, oregano & lemon zest paired with a Dolcetto D’Alba Lorenzino 2009 from Germano Ettore ($18.75), an italian red full of cherry fruit, and Foris Rogue Valley Pinot Gris 2008 ($16.50), an Oregon white that the NY Times called “elegant and juicy” and selected as a ‘Best Value’ wine.

Their sausages got Terry and his staff noticed in the NY Times as one of 3 Brooklyn butchers who “apply real creativity to their sausage craft.”  Sourced directly from upstate NY farm Arcadian Pastures, the pork in our sausages comes from Gloucester Old Spot heritage pigs, a breed known for their high fat ratio and succulent flavor.  Rotating sausage varieties (& Mike’s suggested wine pairs):

Merguez –  grass-fed beef and lamb with harissa paste, fresh garlic, ground fennel seed and cayenne, try with Quinto do Feital Auratus Alvarinho-Tradajura 2009 ($17.50), a Portuguese white

Fresh Chorizo – ground heritage pork, fresh garlic, red wine vinegar, smoky chipotle peppers and a splash of Cabrito Blanco Tequila ($24), try with Bodegas Saenz de Santamaria Rondan Crianza 2007 ($14.50), a Spanish red
Miso Scallion – pork belly with white miso paste, chopped scallion, a dash of soy sauce and rice vinegar, try with Domaine Edmond Cornu et Fils Bourgogne Rouge 2006 ($23.50), a French red

Saigon – pork belly and laughing bird shrimp with quick pickled carrots, chopped peanuts, fresh cilantro and a touch of hot sesame oil, try with Weingut Keller Rheinhessen Riesling Trocken 2009 ($19.75), a German white

Maple Sausage – A weekend favorite, combines pork, homemade bacon bits, sauteed onions, fresh sage, jalapeno and, of course, vermont maple syrup, try with juice, an American orange

Greene GrapeDays of Wine & Sausages
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