Muy Fuerte

Our latest arrival to the produce section muscles in just in time for the big game. These “Fuerte” avocados have a green skin (even when ripe!) and a smooth, creamy flavor that is not quite as heavy as your standard “Hass” variety. They come from Bernard Ranches out in Riverside, CA, where they are harvested just for Greene Grape and over-nighted to Brooklyn. Why is this so cool? It’s a way to support a small farmer growing heirloom vegetables from across the country in the dead of winter. Heirlooms are important for the biodiversity of farm ecosystems, and excitement for your palate! “Strong” reasons to pick some up for your homemade guacamole.

Greene GrapeMuy Fuerte
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Living Greens are Full of Life

It may be frigid outside, but at Provisions we’ve got greens so fresh they are technically still alive! That’s right! These baby greens – grown in urban greenhouses in Philly and Orange, NJ – still have their roots attached, so they stay fresh and keep more of their nutrients. Kick up your salad with some “Scarlet Mustard Frills,” “Baby Tuscan Kale,” or watercress. And if you prefer a more “adolescent” leafy green instead of a baby one, try out our loose leaf Spinach from Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, Vermont. Even though this spinach is in its teenage years, it is awfully sweet!

Greene GrapeLiving Greens are Full of Life
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National Farmers Market Week!

August 4-10th is National Farmers Market Week, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share our love and support of our local farms. With over 40% of our produce grown nearby, all under 200 miles, we differ from a farmers market by stocking their food 7 days a week! And while 40% may not sound like a large amount, if our local farmers could grow citrus, avocados and other tropical fruits in the Northeast, they would. Nearly everything we sell, that can be grown in local soil, is.

Farmers markets preserve America’s rural livelihoods and farmland, and they stimulate local economies. Surrounding NYC is a plethora of farmland, and without a market to sell to, multi-generational farmers would be out of work. Our produce buyer, Mickey Davis, works closely with farms across NY, NJ and PA, to bring in the best apples, corn, melons, eggplant, summer squash, berries, onions and more. Lancaster Coop collects stunning fruits and veggies from all over Pennsylvania and brings it in one trip, 3 times a week, from farms such as Elm Tree Organics, Shady Brook Organics, while Grow NYC brings us fresh kale and stone fruit.

Sometimes these farmers are bringing the whole farm right to the city! Young, educated folk with a green thumb are coming here to create green space amongst our cement and steel. Brooklyn Grange is one of these, and in just 3 years have become the leading rooftop farming and intensive roof greening business in the US, and supply us with fresh, mixed greens and arugula. Just down the road on Bergen Street, Feedback Farms brings us Shishito peppers, and heirloom tomatoes and eggplant. Check back this weekend to learn about the other types of local farms we support!
Greene GrapeNational Farmers Market Week!
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Red Spring

PRODUCE LOVERS: What does your May taste like?

Probably mouth-watering pies, grilled vegetables and tangy salads – in whichcase, you’re in luck, because we’ve just gotten a barrelful of radishes (pink beauty, red ball and French breakfast) and luminous local rhubarb. (We also have new bunched spinach baby bok choy, baby sweet hakurei turnips, and lots of wild foraged ramps, but those are green – and green and red don’t go together in May.)

All these rubies are from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, and go with the season – so we advise you to bet on red immediately!

Greene GrapeRed Spring
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It is said that a good writer never opens with the weather, but the heck with it: spring is here, even if it’s been dragged in one curmudgeonly blossom at a time.

Thusly, it’s our pleasure to introduce (with the consultation of our dynamo produce department) the first fresh greens of spring: organic, locally foraged fiddlehead ferns from D’artagnan, wild ramps and mustard greens from Lancaster Organics. (Which are flying off the shelves as we speak.) Get used to it – but first, enjoy it!

Greene GrapeSprung!
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Soul Kofa-ing

Can one say “vegan butcher”?

Come by Provisions this Friday night as we welcome Brooklyn’s faux-meat caterer extraordinaire Soul Kofa to the tasting arena, sampling his deliciously crispy meat-free chicken nuggets and tangy BBQ ribs. Drawing on African vegetarian tradition, they’re perfect slathered on a grilled cheese sandwich, between burger buns or tossed into a salad. He’ll be here from 6 to 8pm.

Greene GrapeSoul Kofa-ing
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No, the locally-grown, perfectly ripe, full-flavored tomatoes in our produce section this February are not a beneficial bi-product of global warning.  They are the ingenious brainchild of Shushan Valley Hydro Farm, a husband and wife farming team that needed a solution to the meager economics of a small dairy farm.  Their solution?  Hydroponically-grown, pesticide-free, natural stream-fed greenhouse tomatoes, an effort we are contributing to by being the first store in NYC to feature their products.

We hope you appreciate this ethical alternative to going tomato-less or buying blander, more well-traveled varieties. $5.99/lb and we will have them in stock until summer!

Greene GrapeWhy-droponic?
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A Note on California Produce

As you may have noticed, certain out-of-region items have gone up significantly in price over the past few weeks. We proudly source our broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli rabe and plenty of fruits from the central valley in California, which has experienced a serious freeze, significantly affecting crop production. What this means for us here at the Greene Grape is lower availability and higher prices. A reminder of how we fit into the natural world and are subject to mother nature’s whims, perhaps; to avoid these frustrations, we recommend shifting your dinner menu to include items that are grown locally this time of year. New York state is still supplying fabulous cabbages, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, winter squash, and much more! If you haven’t tried our local  aquaponic salad greens and hydroponic tomatoes, we do solemnly swear you’ll be impressed!


Greene GrapeA Note on California Produce
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Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Kit!

Are you looking for a way to spend some of that sweet Christmas dough from your Aunt?  You know you should pay your bills with it, but that’s not what Christmas money is for.  We suggest picking up one of Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Kits, now you can make yourself a big ol’ jar of kimchi for putting on just about anything.  The kit includes everything you need, minus the vegetables, to start fermenting your own Mama O’s.  Our good friend and founder of Mama O’s Kheedim has made a handy dandy instructional video to walk you through the steps for using your new kimchi kit!

Click here for the video! 

Greene GrapeMama O’s Premium Kimchi Kit!
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How to Tackle a Squash

Have you ever been intimidated to take home a huge, heavy, winter squash? Have you ever seriously hurt yourself trying to cut one open? Follow this fun tip from an old farmer friend, and you won’t be afraid to make the most dense squash yours (for those are the tastiest!). Instead of trying to saw open a 7 pound vegetable in your kitchen, put your heavy Hubbard, Red Kuri or other hard squash in a paper bag. Take it outside and toss the whole thing in the air so it falls on the ground. It will smash open in the bag, and you can scoop out the seeds. Save them to make pepitas if you like! With the rest of your squash, roast on a baking sheet in a 450 degree oven for 45 minutes, or until it is soft enough to poke easily with a fork. Eat it plain, drizzle with oil or honey, spice it up with cinnamon, garlic, cumin or cayenne– the possibilities are truly endless. Chock full of nutrients and tasty to boot, what more could you want on a chilly fall day?

Greene GrapeHow to Tackle a Squash
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