November Tastings at Greene Grape

Gear up for the holidays by tasting through our shelves. Find the perfect gift, or ingredient for your holiday feasts!

Friday 11/11
Thanksgiving Tasting at Wine & Spirits 6pm-8pm

Pondini Cheese – 4pm-7pm

Saturday 11/12
Pilot Kombucha – 12pm-2pm
Join us as we debut the newest flavor in the Pilot line- coffee kombucha!

NY Shuk – 2pm-5pm
From the exceptional harissas to the pre-mixed spice blends, you can find endless enjoyable ways to use NY Shuk in your kitchen!

Sunday 11/13
Eat Chic – 12pm-2pm
For a modern (and locally sourced) twist on a classic treat, stop in for a bite of these delicious morsels.

Morris Kitchen – 2pm-5pm
Craft cocktail mixers and syrups to help make hosting a breeze this holiday season.

Kimichi Kooks – 5pm-8pm
Experience the wonders of lacto-fermentation and divine flavor.

Monday 11/14
Goldthread Herbs – 5pm-8pm
Herbal elixirs that bring botanical wisdom into your every day life.

Tuesday 11/15
True Made Foods – 5pm-8pm
Classic sauces made with additional vegetables to replace unwanted sugars.

Friday 11/18
Thanksgiving Tasting at Wine & Spirits – 6pm-8pm

Pippin Gelato 5pm-8pm
The newest gelato to hit our shelves- creamy and rich with inventive flavors like toasted malt and key lime pie.

Saturday 11/19
Hella Bitters – 12pm-4pm
Hand crafted bitters that will heighten any cocktail experience.

Victory Garden – 4pm-6pm
Light, yet creamy goat gelato is a perfect lower fat way to top your Thanksgiving apple pie.

Sunday 11/20
Goody’s Granola 11am-2pm
Filing soft baked granola, made by a father son duo right here in Brooklyn.

Noona’s Ice Cream 2pm-5pm
Based out of Harlem’s Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator, Noona’s ice cream is made using culinary techniques to draw out a rich depth of flavor without artificial mix-ins.

Monday 11/21
Revive Kombucha 5pm-8pm
Light and bright kombucha’s to get you through the long weekend!

Meg ChristmanNovember Tastings at Greene Grape
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Let’s Talk Turkey

We’re here to answer all of your Thanksgiving questions, and then some! Let us know what else we can do to make your Thanksgiving great by calling us at the shop (718) 233-2700 or emailing our Thanksgiving Coordinators at [email protected] 

I want to serve a turkey I can feel good about on my Thanksgiving table. Can you help?
Yes! All of our meat is sourced from farms we know and trust, where high standards of animal welfare are respected. For a deeply flavored, pasture raised bird from a small farming operation based out of New Jersey, go for our Goffle Farms turkey. For a certified organic option, go with D’Artagnan. And if you don’t have time to hunt, but would like something more wild on your plate, try a Heritage Bronze turkey from Tivoli Farms, an older heritage breed which has a gamier flavor and hearty texture.

What size turkey should I buy?
We recommend estimating 1.5lbs per person for your table. A little more and you’ll be sure to have leftovers, a little less and you won’t have to think of turkey again until next year!

My Thanksgiving party is small. What if we don’t want a whole turkey?
For parties of 5 or less, opting for a turkey breast, or alternative bird like a capon, duck or goose may be a better option. We are also house roasting turkey breasts and legs for any smaller party needs. You can order all of this directly from our online order form.

How do I cook my turkey/capon/holiday ham/duck?
We provide cooking instructions with your bird and reheat instructions for sides and pies.

When can I pick up my bird?
We offer FIVE pick up windows for to choose from starting Tuesday 11/22 through Thanksgiving Day (11/24).

  • Tuesday 11/22 – 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday 11/22 – 4pm-8pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 – 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 –  4pm-8pm
  • Thursday 11/24 – 9am-1pm

Can I pick up turkey and sides on different days?
Absolutely! Please just place to separate orders with your desired pick up date in each one.

I’m in over my head and realize I need to pick up earlier than I thought. Can I change my pick up date?
Of course, simply email us at [email protected] and request your new pick up window!

Do you guys make pie? I hate pumpkin, but I know my guests need to have it!
The dessert mavens at Scoops & Sweets are baking up a storm with three kinds of pie – NY State Apple, Maple Pecan, and of course, Classic Pumpkin.

How should I select wines to impress my guests this Thanksgiving?
Lucky for you, we put together an Annual All-American 6-pack of wines which features wines perfectly suited for whatever may be on your table.

For more tips, check out this helpful video featuring our Wine Buyer Mike Robertson and Thanksgiving Coordinator Meg Christman.

Will you be open on Thanksgiving?
Yes! All four Greene Grape businesses will be open regular hours during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Below are our hours for Thanksgiving day:

Annex: 8am-2pm
Provisions: 8am-2pm
Scoops & Sweets: 8am-2pm
Wine & Spirits: 11am-3pm

Meg ChristmanLet’s Talk Turkey
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October Tastings Schedule

Check in here for updated weekly tastings!
Friday 10/14
PM Spirits – Providers of geeky spirits perfect for a punch!

Saturday 10/15
Norwegian Baked Knekkebrod – 2pm-5pm
Baked with whole grains and seeds, come try this tasty and healthful alternative to processed crackers and bread.
Sunday 10/16
Bushwick Kitchen 2pm-5pm
Stop in for a taste of the insanely delicious Meyer lemon honey
Spread-mmms 5pm-8pm
Luscious, locally made cured black olive tapenade
Monday 10/17
Revive Kombucha – 5pm-8pm
Light and refreshing kombucha, our newest addition to the shop!
Tuesday 10/18
Crafty Primate – 5pm-8pm
Unlike any bread you’ve had before, try out these sourdough loaves made with wild wild yeast and in interesting flavors.
Friday 10/21

Copper & Kings Brandy, your cold weather friend

Saturday 10/22
Mr Maks Gin Bao – 2pm-5pm
Friday 10/28
Breuckelen Distilling – Whiskey tasting

Saturday 10/29
One Culture Foods – 2pm-5pm

Sunday 10/30

Meg ChristmanOctober Tastings Schedule
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September Tastings Schedule

Check in here for tastings at Provisions and Wine & Spirits!

Friday 9/23
-Fall Tasting Series
@ Wine and Spirits 6pm-8pm
Autumnal American Wines
Rogue Creamery, Creminelli Fine Meats and Castleton Crackers 5pm-8pm
Kick off your weekend with all of the best things.
Saturday 9/24
Goldthread Herbs – 3pm-6pm
Which is your favorite – El Sol, Forcefield, Green Qi or Gingerine? Can’t decide? Taste ’em all!
Sunday 9/25
Ra Bliss Balls 12pm-2pm
These brand new bites of bliss are filled with simple and energy providing goodness.
Masala Mama 2pm-5pm
Organic simmer sauces made with traditional recipes. Try the classic vindaloo or tikka masala!
Black and Bolyard 5pm-8pm
Brown butter in a variety of flavors for your taste buds to enjoy.
Monday 9/26
Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen 4:30-7:30pm
Sauce maven Auria Abraham is back with her line of spicy sambals and sweet kaya spreads.
Friday 9/30
-Fall Tasting Series @ Wine and Spirits 6pm-8pm
Central European Wines
Insigny St. Mère 4pm-6pm
Join us for a taste of the “little cannonball” France’s Mimolette cheese, supplied to us by former Provisions Cheesemonger, Cara Warren.

Meg ChristmanSeptember Tastings Schedule
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Summer Steak Out

The summer season is great for many things and the quality of grass fed beef is near the top of that list. It seems that almost every week when our steers arrive from Slope Farms (Meridale, NY), “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” are heard as we marvel at the beautiful marbling.

While much of the cattle grown in this country are raised in feedlots on a corn and grain diet, there are many cattle breeds which are still adapted to a grass diet and many farmers working tirelessly to raise these animals the old fashioned way. We spoke with Ken Jaffe of Slope Farms to learn a little more about what makes their beef so good right now.

In the summer, abundant sweet grasses mean that cattle are able to eat to their heart’s content, which results in fattier cuts of meat. As Jaffe noted, grazing itself is the work of timing to create proper mix of protein and energy for the animals. They are raised on a well managed pasture – with specific plant species for intensive rotational cattle grazing. The Angus breed of cattle at Slope Farms has shorter legs and broader chests which are indicative of their grass grazing ways.

Main Species for Grazing
Grasses: Orchard grass, timothy, ryegrass, brome grass
Legumes: red clover, white clover, crown vetch, alfalfa
Forbs: dandelion, plantain, bedstraw, milkweed, burdock, chickweed
They stay away from the thistle!

When snowfall begins, however, the steer are provided with silage, grasses that are baled and fermented in the summer months, preserved for the colder months. Silage, which has an increased bioavailability of vitamins and gut friendly bacteria, is lower in fat than fresh grasses, so their meat is a bit leaner. Lean or marbled… what’s your pleasure?

Meg ChristmanSummer Steak Out
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Preserve the Summer

Tips from our kitchen to yours!

Late Summer Pickles
In a pickle with too many summer veggies? Brine your own with this simple recipe.

  • 1 lb firm vegetables. We recommend cucumbers, string beans, carrots, corn cut from the cob, peppers, beets, turnips, trimmed of stems and roots
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar (or rice wine or apple cider vinegar)
  • 2 tablespoons kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • Optional: fresh aromatics such as cilantro, garlic, onions or chiles


  1. Clean your vegetables, and cut your vegetables into medium chunks. The firmer the vegetable (like carrots), slice thinner, or blanch briefly to soften.
  2. Loosely fill cleaned jars with vegetable pieces.
  3. In a small saucepan, bring vinegar, salt, sugar and spices, and 2 cups water to a boil.
  4. Pour pickling liquid over vegetables, and let cool. Close jars and chill in the fridge for at least 1 day for softer vegetables like cucumbers, and at least a week for root vegetables.

Homemade pickles should last about 2 months in the fridge. Fresh garlic can often turn blue when pickled. Don’t be surprised… this is perfectly okay!

Meg ChristmanPreserve the Summer
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Topo Chico in NYC

*Update*April 26, 2018: You can now order Topo Chico
for same-day delivery! {Click Here}
Ever since we first heard about the mineral water from Mexico whose miracle making legend proceeds it, we were curious. And once the New York Times put Texas on the map for its endless supply of this wonder drink, we realized that we needed to have it.

What makes it so special? For starters, unlike most mineral waters, this is one you’d actually want to mix into a cocktail. (While we’re not professional mixologists, we do know our way around a fancy cocktail or two!) What’s more, a sip of this water actually provides a healthy dose of magnesium, potassium, sodium and manganese to aid digestion. And its renowned fizziness makes for a fun and refreshing way to beat this week’s pervasive summer heat!

With only few places to find this fizzy lifting drink this side of the Mississippi, stop by Provisions, or order online with Instacart, to taste for yourself what all of the hype is about!

And if you’re looking for sparkling water that originated a little closer to home, head to Annex for a glass of seltzer from the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys – a family run seltzer company (the last of it’s kind in NYC) operating out of a bottling factory in Canarsie since the 1950’s.

Kate MalinTopo Chico in NYC
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Sofrito for the Season

Mixtures of stewed aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices are at the core of almost every type of cuisine. Sofrito is the Spanish version, usually consisting of peppers, onions and tomato. Luckily all of those veggies are in season right now and Provisions Produce Buyer, Jason Rivera, has put together a recipe for sofrito success. The idea behind this homestyle dish is to use whatever vegetables are available to create a flavorful, easy to eat, easy to digest meal.

(And remember, the word sofrito doesn’t have to limit your cooking. In the Fall you could just as easily be using fennel, carrots and onions instead of peppers, onions and tomatoes.)

Extra virgin olive oil (preferably really tasty stuff)
A few sweet peppers, diced (whatever looks pretty at the market)
A fat juicy onion, diced (look for fresh uncured onions at this time of year)
A ripe tomato diced (Brandywines work really well for this, I recommend a red tomato)
1 bay leaf
1 1/2 cups white wine
water or chicken stock
1/2 pound of green, yellow, purple or romano beans with the tough end trimmed
2 heirloom squash cut into 1/4 inch rounds (my favorite is the Romanesca)
1 ear corn cut from the cob
4 red radishes sliced into 1/4 inch rounds
10 fresh basil leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Sherry vinegar to taste

1. Heat a pot, large enough to contain all of the ingredients. Add enough olive oil to generously coat the bottom of the pot. Throw the peppers and onions in there and cook them until they are soft without browning them. If it looks a little dry add more olive oil.
2. Add the tomatoes, bay leaf and white wine. Simmer this until all of the liquid evaporates.
3. At this point continue to cook the mixture until the oil separates out and the mixture starts to stick on the bottom. Be careful here, you don’t want burnt, just a little toasted. Stir very often.
4. Add the beans and cover with stock or water and simmer. It’s a good idea to take a wooden spoon and scrape all the tasty bits of the bottom of the pot.
5. Cook the beans until they are very soft and tender, and a lot of the liquid has evaporated. They will turn army green, and look overcooked, but they will also become sweet and soak up all of that sofrito liquid.
6. Stir in the squash, corn and radishes and remove from heat. At this point season with salt, pepper and vinegar.
7. This dish should be served just above room temperature with a piece of crusty bread to soak up the juices. Just before serving, stir in the basil leaves and a bit of fresh olive oil.


Meg ChristmanSofrito for the Season
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Summer Cocktails & Craft Brews at Annex

With the dog days ahead of us, the team at Annex knew we needed to concoct something that encapsulated all of our favorite summertime survival beverages. Iced tea (check), lemonade (check), gin (check), and so was born the Your Majesty.  We mix one of our favorite spirits, Breukelen Glorious Gin with orange liqueur, earl grey syrup, and lemon juice to create one seriously refreshing cocktail.  A drink designed to appeal to everyone (royal pedigree not required).

And of course, we’d be remiss not to mention our selection of summer draft beers. Our lineup changes regularly, so enjoy a pint from the list below before we’re on to the next keg!

City Slickers IPA Other Half
You don’t have to wait in line outside of the brewery to get your hands on a pint of this beer brewed with prickly pear from the IPA master’s at Gowanus’ own Other Half Brewing Co.

Kirsch GoseVictory Brewing Co.
This sour cherry beer blends the right amount of tart and sweet. A delicious and approachable Gose.

Rubaeus NitroFounders Brewing Co.
Infused with nitrogen for a softer mouthfeel, this pale ale brewed with raspberries is exactly what the doctor ordered for mid-July heat.

Hopped CidahUrban Farm Fermentory
Wild Maine yeast fermented cider with the addition of cascade hops to turn an IPA lover into a cider drinker in no time.

Saison DoloresAlmanac Brewing Co.
California grown wheat combine with saison yeast to create this exceptionally fresh beer that is designed to pair well with just about any meal.

Megaboss IPANewburgh Brewing Co.
An IPA that lives up to it’s name with over 8 hop varieties jam packed into one fine brew.


Meg ChristmanSummer Cocktails & Craft Brews at Annex
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Stop, Pepper Time!

What makes local produce the ultimate in taste is the short amount of time it spends between farm and shop. And while peppers have become a grocery staple, they are only available locally in the summer months. This week, we’re all about the peppers from Marolda Farms in New Jersey and the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

Perfect for Frying – Long-Hots & Cubanelles – both of these peppers come in way below jalepeño on the Scoville Scale, but what they lack in heat they make up for with a tangy almost sweet flavor. The thin wall of these peppers make them great for frying and there is only one season to enjoy them while they last.
Great on the Grill – Mini Green & Purple Bell Peppers – We think these mini green peppers would look darling on a skewer and who doesn’t love the vibrancy of purple produce?

Also worth a mention…
We don’t usually associate summer as the time for potatoes and onions, but right now they couldn’t be better. Enjoy new potatoes with skin so thin you’ll hardly need to peel them and fresh onions with bright juicy flavor before they are all cured for cellaring to await the winter.

Meg ChristmanStop, Pepper Time!
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