Ice Cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream Tasting!

Everyone’s favorite gourmet ice cream will be scooping samples here at Greene Grape Provisions! Join us this Friday 6/29 as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream scoops seasonal flavors of their decadent frozen desserts. If you’ve ever wandered by our frozen case and wondered why Jeni’s pints are so pricey, here’s your chance to taste the Pink Grapefruit Frozen Yogurt, Whiskey & Pecan Ice Cream and other off-the-wall culinary creations. They’ll be here from 2-4pm, so save some room at lunch for a bit of dessert on us!

Greene GrapeJeni’s Ice Cream Tasting!
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Treat Yourself, Responsibly

We’ve all started to sweat the weather. Hot days mean hot nights, and there’s no better way to cool off than to grab America’s favorite frozen summertime dessert, ICE CREAM! Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of choices at Provisions for those of our shoppers who are looking for a local, natural break from the heat.

If you’ve never tried Blue Marble Ice Cream, you owe yourself a favor. Founded and produced in Boerum Hill, they use only the best natural ingredients to make their classic flavors. Try their coffee and chip ‘n’ mint! Or how about Steve’s Ice Cream? Modeled after a 100-year-old ice cream shop in Massachusetts, Steve’s now produces it’s funky flavors right here in the BK, right alongside some of our favorite local food purveyors. We’ve got their Brooklyn Blackout (made with Hudson Valley Fresh milk and Taza chocolate), Strawberry Ricotta (using Salvatore Brooklyn’s signature firm ricotta cheese) and Sugar Cookie Dough (made with rich coconut cream so it’s dairy free!)

Last but not least is our favorite partner in frozen decadence, Adirondack Creamery. Using no whey, corn starch, thickeners, corn syrup or any artificial ingredients, Adirondack sources their milk from various farms throughout the Hudson Valley and freezes & packages their product on site to capture the absolute freshest taste possible. Among their other rich, classic flavors, keep your eye open for Black Raspberry, a seasonal treat sure to cool even the hottest of afternoons. So check out our frozen section for these and other delightful summer treats (stay tuned to taste another Brooklyn-made ice cream next weekend…)

Greene GrapeTreat Yourself, Responsibly
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Phin & Phebes Brings Fresh Ice Cream To Brooklyn

Greene Grape Provisions is proud to feature Phin & Phebes, a brand new ice cream company sprouted from right here in Brooklyn. While they first honed their craft making their frozen fare as a hobby, they soon moved on to a feature spot at the Hester Street Fair in 2010, and were inspired to take their tasty treats to the streets. Check out their Coconut Key Lime, Ginger Cookie Snap, Vanilla Cinnamon and Vietnamese Iced Coffee flavors.

All their flavors start out in their home kitchen before making their way into formal production. Their super premium, 14{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} butterfat ice cream is made with a low overrun, meaning there’s more delicious, creamy ice cream and less air. Their dairy comes from Quality Dairy Farms, a cooperative of eight family-run farms in Lewis and Jefferson Counties in New York not far from where the ice cream is made and hand-packed in small batches. When you see a pint of their ice cream in our case it’s very likely that the dairy in the ice cream was milked within the past 6-14 days – it doesn’t get much fresher than that! So take a chance on these new guys, we love their ice cream and expect to see them around for quite a while.

Greene GrapePhin & Phebes Brings Fresh Ice Cream To Brooklyn
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Mid-Autumn Treats

It seems like Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind – even as we pass bare trees and crunch over leafy sidewalks, we’re still leaving our scarves at home on these warm days and mild evenings. Don’t let it fool you, though, because the holiday season is just around the bend, and we’ve got everything you need to fill your home with that seasonal magic right here at Provisions!
We just received our first delivery of the year from the Purity Ice Cream Company in beautiful Ithaca, NY. Their premium eggnog is the richest and most decadent we’ve come across, and it’s here in our dairy case all through New Years. We’ve also got new frozen items that are sure to leave you with visions of sugar plums – Adirondack’s classic Peppermint Stick ice cream will wash you with the chill of winter while Jeni’s warms you right back up with their Boozy Eggnog and Sweet Potato w/ Toasted Marshmallow ice creams flavors. And just wait to see the brand new Brooklyn-based ice cream company we’re debuting just before Thanksgiving – can you say Gingersnap Cookie?
We’re sure to be sampling bits of our awesome array of seasonal products throughout the coming weeks, and we have lots more new items coming in over the next month (Prickly Pear Salsa, anyone?), so keep your eyes peeled and share in the festivities with all of us at the Greene Grape!

Greene GrapeMid-Autumn Treats
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Adirondack Creamery Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

One taste and you’ll be full of holiday cheer!  Our favorite time of year is announced every year when Paul Nasrani’s Adirondack Creamery releases the limited edition Pumpkin Pie ice cream flavor in pints.  Frozen, creamy pumpkin pie perfection without the crust.

Adirondack makes ice cream from all natural ingredients like hormone-free local milk and fresh cream less than 150 miles from our store in upstate New York.  So you know you are tasting the ice cream at its freshest.   Pints now available in the freezers, get ’em before we do!

Greene GrapeAdirondack Creamery Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
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Greene Grape Can Give You Chills!

Ah, the dog days of summer – sweaty afternoons, breezy nights, the last days to relax before the fall kicks in. Why not spend these remaining weeks perusing our frozen section? We’ve got all kinds of new frosty treats in store for you, from local Ronnybrook and Blue Marble Ice Creams, to decadent dairy-free G.S. Blood Orange and Raspberry Sorbets, to the unpredictably outrageous flavor concoctions of individually wrapped People’s Pops. As always, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream brings adventurous combinations to their velvety ice cream, It’s Its ice cream sandwiches represent the West Coast, and Bubbie’s Mochi from Hawaii add a touch of the tropical. Before the leaves fall and you don that scarf, do yourself a favor and indulge in the last month of New York summer with us!

Greene GrapeGreene Grape Can Give You Chills!
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Blue Marble Ice Cream Pints

Founded by two close friends back in 2007, Blue Marble quickly expanded from its humble beginnings in Boerum Hill and now has full service shops and mobile units throughout Brooklyn. With their staunch dedication to environmental responsibility, they use only the freshest ingredients in their ice cream, and even go out of their way to use sustainable building materials and techniques in their shops. With that, only one question remains – how is their ice cream?

Made from local, organic milk with no artificial colors or flavors, Blue Marble creates rich versions of classic flavors at an affordable price. In stock at Provisions, we’ve got three standard flavors no frozen confectionery connoisseur should be without. Check out our frozen section and pick up their creamy Vanilla, decadent Chocolate and refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip flavors while they last!

Greene GrapeBlue Marble Ice Cream Pints
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Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream

Creamy gourmet ice cream wrapped in a sweetened rice confection.  Bite sized bliss from Bubbie’s Ice Cream called mochi.  We’ll be sampling this delicious traditional japanese treat (that comes to us via Hawaii from a man who trained in ice cream making in the Finger Lakes!) on Saturday from 2-4pm.

Right now we’ve got green tea, chocolate peanut butter and adzuki (traditional red bean, pictured) in the freezer case.

Greene GrapeBubbies Mochi Ice Cream
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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Scoops

We’re scooping Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and coffee plus a sorbet from Blue Moon Sorbets at the coffee bar.

Brooklyn-based, Van Leeuwen starts with pure Hudson Valley milk and mixes in all natural ingredients. For their vanilla, they use whole vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract. Their strawberry contains small, juicy strawberries flavorful enough to allowing them to forego use of any additional sweeteners or flavors. Michel Cluizel chocolate made without the addition of soy lechithin forms the base of their delicious rich chocolate ice cream. None of their ice creams have stabilizers, preservatives or unnatural emulsifiers.

We’ve also got pints from Van Leeuwen and Blue Moon in the frozen food case. Enjoy!

Greene GrapeVan Leeuwen Ice Cream Scoops
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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

When you look at the list of flavors we’re bringing in – Thai Chili, Salty Caramel, Cherry Lambic, Lemon Yogurt and Goat Cheese & Cognac Figs – you know why the NY Times says that Jeni’s Splendid ice creams have “surpassed the creativity of all other ice cream makers” and that their “intense, offbeat flavors would be worth a drive to Ohio.” Jeni’s makes artisanal ice creams, sorbets, and yogurts in small batches, by hand — from start to finish — with dairy from grass-fed cows, fresh ingredients from the Ohio countryside, and responsibly-raised exotics from around the world. Join us this Saturday when we’ll be sampling these intriguing ice creams!

Greene GrapeJeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
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