I Got It For My Mama!

We have a number of ways you can treat the moms, mothers and mamas in your life this Sunday!

Send her some love- we’re offering a special Mother’s Day Gift Basket that can be shipped nationwide or picked up right here in our shop!

Make breakfast in bed- create a custom menu with all of her favorite treats, or look around for suggestions at each of our counters.

Decorate a coloring page– our beautiful Mother’s Day coloring pages are available at the registers. Get creative, get expressive and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!

Pick up some flowers– we will have gorgeous fresh bouquets available from Stem and for those looking for a more lasting gift, take home a paper blossom branch by local artist Bespoke Brooklyn.

We’re wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mom’s we see each day here at the shop!


If love is sweet as a flower,

then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” —Stevie Wonder

Greene GrapeI Got It For My Mama!
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Supporting Local Farms… from Afar!

With Earth Day around the corner, we have been taking stock of our environmental impact. The most basic way to make sure our carbon footprint stays low is to support local farms businesses whenever possible. But in order to provide pantry staples year round, we sometimes need to go outside of that 250 mile radius. Let’s look at two staples, rice and beans, and consider how companies we source from can keep us committed to supporting small and sustainable farms!


We carry many varieties of Rancho Gordo beans. While they travel from California to get to us, the company’s commitment to growing heirloom beans and working with local growers is without comparison.

Heirloom varieties are important for preserving genetic diversity and they also remind us that our food doesn’t have to look uniform! The Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project creates a market for small farms in Mexico to grow heirloom beans indigenous to their areas. These beans also taste amazing! You’ll find a creaminess and earthiness in each bag that is impossible to replicate out of a can.


Lotus Foods brings us rice from afar in order to support small and family farms in areas of the world where rice as a commodity crop leads to overproduction and damages local environments and economies.

By providing market incentives for small sustainable farms in these regions, Lotus Foods creates a system that encourages environmentally friendly growing practices. The heirloom varieties of rice that we carry come from Indonesia and China. Volcano Rice has a dark color that reflects the high concentration of minerals such as magnesium and zinc, found in the volcanic soils where it grows. Forbidden Rice comes from a farm that uses a System of Rice Intensification that reduces water use while boosting production.


So try out an heirloom bean or two, marvel at their colorful complexity, enjoy a bowl of Volcanic Rice and stay tuned for more info on our sustainable buying practices. It’s not always easy being green, but we’re getting there one bite at a time!


Read more about Rancho Gordo here

Read more about Lotus Foods here 

Greene GrapeSupporting Local Farms… from Afar!
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Kelso Beer and Bee’s Knees Food Co. Tasting

This Thursday 4/24 from 5p-7pm at Provisions we are proud to be hosting a collaborative tasting from Kelso Beer and Bee’s Knees Food Co.  Some of you have probably had a taste of Kelso’s beers, brewed in Clinton Hill, at your local, well last year they starting canning their Pilsner and Nut Brown Lager, using a mobile canning truck.  Bee’s Knees Food Co. is a Chicago based maker of roasted nuts designed as the perfect bar snack, these are nuts designed to be paired with beers, so much so that each package has beer pairing recommendations printed on them.  Pop in and have a snack and a sip!

Greene GrapeKelso Beer and Bee’s Knees Food Co. Tasting
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#ProvisionsPix Instagram Contest!

For one week, March 24-31, snap a shot of your best RAMEN dish, for a chance to win a $10 PROVISIONS GIFT CARD, and have your photo featured on our web site!

How to play:

*Make a dish featuring SUN RAMEN NOODLES, and take a photo.

*Hashtag #ProvisionsPix and tag us at @GreeneGrape

*Hashtag the main ingredients so you can share your recipe! For example:

#provisionspix  @greenegrape #ramennoodles #miso #porkbelly #chickensausage #zucchini #lemongrass #eggplant #blacksesameseeds #duckegg

*Get the most “likes” by Monday, March 31, and you win – simple as that! Enter as many times as you like!

Need some inspiration? Start with our house made Pork Tonkotsu Broth or Chicken Broth, and then visit the butchers or our dairy cases for some proteins and eggs. Add in your favorite vegetables, and top it off with your favorite seeds and spices.

We’ll change the ingredient every month, so keep a look out for April’s #ProvisionsPix contest.

Greene Grape#ProvisionsPix Instagram Contest!
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Which Came First, The Duck or The Egg?

Springtime is finally starting to poke its head, and with it brings some of the tastiest eggs we’ve ever seen.  Arcadian Pastures, the farm that raises our delicious pork also brings us loads of eggs twice a week, and now we’re excited to offer their Duck Eggs! With richer yolks with a higher yolk to white ratio, these slightly larger elliptical beauties are perfect for making lighter meals like quiches, but they’re also better than chicken eggs for pastries, too.

Speaking of lighter meals, we’re excited to be stocking Ramen Noodles from famed Sun Noodle, who’s been getting a load of press lately. If you’ve become smitten with the craze as much as we have, you’ve tasted their noodles – Sun supplies most of the restaurants in this city! Now you can design your own soups or mazemen (soup-less style), whether you make your own stock or use our house made chicken, or take home our butcher’s house made Pork Tonkotsu broth. Stir in some South River 3-Year Barley or White Miso, a gurgle of Wan Ja Shan Tamari, and a handful of fresh Baby Greens – and maybe a poached Duck Egg?

Greene GrapeWhich Came First, The Duck or The Egg?
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I can’t believe it’s not Mayo

When we first read about Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, made in California, we were instantly smitten. The adorable label was eye catching, and the flying rumors that the texture and flavor were so much like the real thing was irresistible. Alas, it was only available on the west coast – we were so smitten that we searched high and low for it on our trip to San Francisco 2 weeks ago, but stores were sold out!

What a surprise to find out that it debuted on our wintery shores last week! We grabbed some spoons and twisted the cap… the texture is in fact perfect, not too greasy or chalky, and the flavor is lemony and fresh! And no eggs means no cholesterol, so it’s all good fats.

Just Mayo will be great for any sandwich, salad dressing or dip base, and we’ve even got an open jar in the deli, if you want to give it a try! Ask for a taste, or switch it out for the usual stuff on your Brooklyn Mooseum for just 2 quarters more.

Greene GrapeI can’t believe it’s not Mayo
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Gifty Asian Condiments

Looking for the perfect savory gift for your adventurous foodie friends? Look no further than our new Asian sauces, each in stunning bottles that will delight the eyes as much as the tastebuds!

Does your Secret Santa love whiskey and sushi? Check out this flask of Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce, microbrewed in small batches, and aged in re-purposed bourbon barrels. It’s smoky and brothy with hints of oak and a mild sweetness reminiscent of fine Kentucky bourbon.

Home cooks will rejoice when they receive Takumi White Shoyu, a lighter, thinner soy sauce that infuses flavor without darkening foods. A great base for dressings and marinades, or adding depth to soups and stews. BLiS Barrel Aged Fish Sauce is just that, Red Boat’s fish sauce, aged for 7 months in Bourbon barrels that once held maple syrup. A drizzle over dumplings, noodles or a simple salad would make these flavors shine.

Greene GrapeGifty Asian Condiments
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La Esquina Salsa

Nevermind that it’s salsa made in New York City. This stuff’s the real deal, made in the kitchens of La Esquina, one of the best taco corner joints in the lower east side.  We chose 3 flavors, Salsa Roja, Salsa Roja HOT, and Salsa Verde, made with a blend of ripe tomatoes, tomatillos and chiles, and contain no fat or sugar.  Each are great complements to our different chips, especially when they’ve been smothered with melted cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro.

You’ll find these colorful jars next to the pasta sauces, just a few steps from the chips!

Greene GrapeLa Esquina Salsa
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New Dairy Round-Up

Poke around our tiny store, and you might notice a bunch of new products on the shelves. In the dairy case, Ray’s Seitan is a hearty wheat-meat, chewy in texture, yet crisps up nicely when pan fried in oil or butter. Even if you’re an omnivore, this Seitan is a wonderful way to cut back on your meat intake while bulking up the protein in a meal. We’ve cooked it with a little bacon and once the flavors meld, we can hardly tell the difference between the bites.

You might also notice Sfoglini Fresh Pasta! We’re the sole retailer for their fresh version, which cooks up in under 5 minutes, ready to hoist your favorite sauce, cheese or butter. Speaking of butter, we’ve got Evans Farmhouse Creamery Butter, lightly salted, in bulk, so you can be sure it’s the absolute freshest. Naturally bright yellow, a sign that these cows are munching on fresh, organic grass, which lends a slightly herbal note to the clean, silky sweet flavor.

Grab all 3 new items, and toss in your favorite fresh veggies, for the perfect springtime dinner!

Greene GrapeNew Dairy Round-Up
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