We’re Rolling in Dough!

You wanted the best. You got the best!

The most delicious FRESH PIZZA DOUGH in Fort Greene, and beyond!

Made with organic ingredients, and super easy to use, no stone required… just stretch out onto a sprayed cookie sheet, top to your heart’s delight, and bake for 10-15 minutes until the crust is puffy and browned.

Can’t imagine what you’d top it with? Housemade Fresh Mozzarella, of course, or Buffalo Mozzarella, or Maplebrook Burrata, or Fontina maybe?  We’ve also got slicing Pepperoni and Prosciutto, or see what fresh sausages the butchers have this week, or even a dollop of our new Bacon Jam. Lots of fresh vegetables and herbs, tomato sauces, olives, pesto… whatever you can imagine!

Greene GrapeWe’re Rolling in Dough!
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Fondue Tasting, Sat 2-4pm!

Nothing says warm and cozy more than a pot of bubbling, melty cheese. Fondue is an exciting way to enjoy the fruits of Switzerland’s best ductile delights, but we know it’s also a bit overwhelming. We’ve taken care of the hard part: finding the recipe, figuring out the best ratio of cheeses, and grating them.

Our Fondue for Two (to four) is a full pound of grated cheese, a blend of Gruyere, Emmenthal, Appenzeller and Vacherin Fribourgouis, already tossed with cornstarch (helps to thicken up the mix and keep it smooth). All you have to do is choose the wine, and melt it… slowly, please.

Still unsure if Fondue is for you? We’d love to share a batch with you, and answer any questions! Join us this Saturday, from 2 to 4, and taste some gooey goodness on us!

Greene GrapeFondue Tasting, Sat 2-4pm!
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Superbowl Salumi

Whether you’re hosting or attending, everyone will root for a platter of artisan salami.

From San Francisco, Molinari & Sons make our most accessible slicing salamis, peppery sopressata and sweet, fennel-ly finocchiona. Salumeria Biellese, right here in NYC, produces a more refined, all Berkshire pork product, and we’ve got a sweet and picante sopressata, and their spicy chorizo sticks.

Don’t want to take sides? Utah’s Creminelli makes whole mini salamis in a variety of flavors: plain, black truffle, spicy, Barolo wine.

If charcuterie is more your game, we carry many cured meats from La Quercia, based in Iowa. Aging only heritage breeds, with cuts such as Prosciuttos, and Coppas, LQ slices are sweet and silky. Imported Serrano Ham, Jamon Mangalica, an all beef Bresaola, and of course Prosciutto di Parma round out our team of salty yet moist, cured meat.

And if you’re dragging out the grill, don’t forget to visit our meat counter for some of their house made sausages!

Greene GrapeSuperbowl Salumi
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We’ve got the Funk

Uplands Cheese Co in Wisconsin, makes just one, multi-award winning cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, until now. Influenced by Switzerland’s Winter seasonal, Vacherin Mont d’Or, we are proud to introduce Rush Creek Reserve.

Made from raw Autumn milk, Rush Creek Reserve is near-liquid, unctuous and rich, barely contained by a thick band of spruce bark. The bark imparts its own smoky and woodsy flavors, to a cheese that’s bursting with notes of beef broth and finely cured meat. If pungent is your thing, you need to gather a few friends, grab a loaf of crusty bread, and your favorite beverage.

Please taste Rush Creek with us on Saturday afternoon, from 2-4, and scoop up your own wheel. Saturday only, whole, 14oz wheels are just $32.99 each (normally @ $37).

Greene GrapeWe’ve got the Funk
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We’re Jammin’… we hope you like Jammin’ too

Saturday, January 14th, we welcome The Stand Brooklyn, for a special tasting of their Winter Seasonal fruit jams and garnishes.

Sister and brother team, Nathalie and Jake, founded The Stand Brooklyn in 2010. Since then, they’ve brought us many lovely flavors of jams and fruit syrups, and now they’ve developed a lovely line of holiday inspired fruit garnishes. Best enjoyed with cheeses, French toast, over ice cream, or even stirred into a cocktail, these flavors are jam packed with fruit and spice.

Come in and let The Stand tickle your tastebuds, with their Spiced Cranberries, Apple Calvados Preserves, and Quince in Cardamom Syrup.

The cheese mongers will be pairing up some of our American made favorites. Expect fresh chevre, aged cheddar and maybe even a blue, each chosen to stand up to The Stand Brooklyn’s seasonal delights.

Greene GrapeWe’re Jammin’… we hope you like Jammin’ too
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Cherish the Old, In with the New

Whether you are planning a festive New Year’s Eve shindig for few or many, don’t forget the cheese! We’ve made sure all of your favorites of 2011 are in stock, such as the luscious triple crème: Brillat Savarin, earthy Brie de Meaux, pungent Meadow Creek Grayson, and of course, the crystaline Vintage Five Year Gouda.

But if you crave something new, this week, we’ve brought in 4 new cheeses from Italy that will make your cheese plate special. Pecorinos Crosta Rossa,  a mellow, grassy number and Vinacce, a brightly colored wine soaked wheel are two very unique versions of Italian sheep’s cheeses. Cow and goat are represented as well, with Blu Vin Santo, a mild blue soaked in “Holy Wine,” and Fiacco di Capra, a goat’s milk Taleggio.

On the homefront, we’ve got Utah’s Tea Hive, a cheddar with a tea-rubbed rind, California, San Andreas, a rustic raw sheep’s milk, with very floral and fresh butter notes, and Vermont represents with a rare hard wheel from Lazy Lady called Mixed Emotions, an organic cow-goat tomme, which shows off the lush summer grasses and the earthiness of cave aging.

Ask for a taste, and have a wonderful 2012!
Greene GrapeCherish the Old, In with the New
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Get Fresh With Us

If you’ve been shopping with us for some time now, you may have noticed a few new names of producers on many of our fresh cheeses. We are particularly excited about new cheeses from Maplebrook Fine Cheese, a producer based in Bennington, Vermont, that uses all natural milk from small family farms in Vermont.

We’re excited to be using their fresh curd to make our own home made mozzarella. The balls melt beautifully and taste like pure, fresh milk. We make them fresh several times a week. If you follow us on twitter @GGProvisions you’ll know exactly when the next batch is ready!

We also have Ciliegene from Maplebrook, which are cherry size balls of mozzarella that are perfect for salads or easy pasta dishes, as well as a smoked mozzarella, which have been smoked over cherry wood chips, for a slightly sweet, smoky flavor. These amazing melters can turn ordinary potatoes into a gratin that will make your apartment smell like a country house fireplace. Their cow’s milk feta is creamy-crumbly, with a touch of sea salt. And their burrata, the mother of all mozzarella, is out of this world. This is a mozzarella with a secret. Burrata is a ball of thinly stretched mozzarella, surrounding a core of shredded mozzarella curd with the addition of heavy cream. Maplebrook employs a native of Puglia with 25 years of cheesemaking experience, to bring you the freshest possible burrata available here in the US.

We are very happy to share it all with you.
Greene GrapeGet Fresh With Us
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NYC Craft Beer Week!

It’s time for Craft Beer Week and we are honored to be a part of this fantastic event again this year.  Bars, restaurants, and stores throughout the city feature some of the country’s best craft breweries and offer up some great deals.  To take part of this year’s festivities all you need is to pick up a NY Craft Beer Week Passport here at the Greene Grape or at any of the participating venues.  It is only $10 and gives you access to all of this year’s best deals and events including discounted bottles, $3 pours at bars, and special beer-centric dinners.

This year we are featuring beers from Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado.  Avery is a great craft brewery that we have been fans of for a long time.  Their brews are especially hard to find on this side of the country as they only distribute through one company on the East Coast!  With your Beer Week Passport you will receive 10{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} off all Avery large format bottles, throughout the week we will post some background and tasting notes on these great beers.

Craft Beer Week runs from September 16-September 25, to kick off the week we are lucky enough to have a representative from Brewery Ommegang stop by to open up a few bottles with us.  Along with these awesome American brews we are going to be pairing some Artisanal American cheeses from our case.   The tasting is Sunday September 18 from 3pm-6pm and is open to everyone and is the perfect post-brunch stop.

Greene GrapeNYC Craft Beer Week!
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Priorat Tasting Tonight

At the wine store we’ll be sampling the ‘Best Value’ Priorat red from Wednesday’s New York Times from 6-8pm along with Laura the cheesemonger’s suggested pairings for the wine:

Salumeria Biellese chorizo made from dried Berkshire pork are slightly hot and porky and will complement this spicy, juicy wine. This Manhattan company got a nod from Slow Food USA for making their chorizo from heritage pork. Sold in whole or half sticks (each about .45 of a lb, $19.99/lb)

Eric Canut’s Garrotxa goat cheese is velvety, mouth melting, subtly tangy, herbal and sweet. He’s a tiny producer in Catalonia, the same region where Priorat wines come from. Eric has been instrumental in reviving and re-inventing traditional Spanish cheese. 29.99/lb.

Greene GrapePriorat Tasting Tonight
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Schiava & Hoch Ybrig Tasting Saturday

Saturday, February 26 from 5-7pm please join us at the wine store to taste Weingut Gumphof Sudtiroler Vernatsch Schiava 2009, a red from the Italian alps, along with Hoch Ybrig, a Swiss alpine cheese from master affineur Rolf Beeler.

Hoch Ybrig is bathed in white wine during maturation, adding a pungent fruity zest to this walnutty, Gruyere-style raw cow milk mountain cheese. It has notes of dried apricot, fir trees and Amontillado sherry and a big, complex flavor. Try with a drizzle of buckwheat honey!

Greene GrapeSchiava & Hoch Ybrig Tasting Saturday
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