Left Hand Brewing and W&T Oyster Tasting

This Friday April 6th from 5:30pm-7:30pm we are happy to welcome Left Hand Brewing to Provisions for a tasting of their Milk Stout Nitro.  Left Hand Milk Stout has been a staff favorite for a long time and now it is available in “nitro bottles”,  creating a beautfiul cascading pour as well as a light and creamy body, follow this link to see how it works.  To class things up even more a rep from our oyster supplier, W&T Seafood, will be here to pair oysters with the beer.  Stouts and oysters have long tradition of being paired together, the roasted grain flavors in stout contrast well with the sweet and salty oysters.  Our oyster supply is limited so we will be limiting customers to 1 of each type of oyster until we run out.  

Greene GrapeLeft Hand Brewing and W&T Oyster Tasting
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Weyerbacher Brewing Demo and Cheese Pairing

This Friday March 9 we are happy to welcome Weyerbacher Brewing Company to the Greene Grape for a beer and cheese pairing from 5:30-7:30pm at Provisions.  Weyerbacher opened for business in 1995 out of Easton, PA and were at the forefront of the “big beer” revolution in craft brewing, specializing in complex flavors and higher alcohol content.  We will be tasting two of their year-round brews including Verboten which is a bottle conditioned Belgian-style pale ale.  For the hopheads we will also be sampling out Double Simcoe IPA.  Brewed using the hybrid simcoe hop, this beer is big but isn’t as bitter as many of its counterparts.    

Greene GrapeWeyerbacher Brewing Demo and Cheese Pairing
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I Love NYou

Celebrate your love for the local, with our I LOVE NY Valentine’s Day Package.

We start with our house made Bacon Jam, a low-and-slow cooked blend of  D’Artagnan’s Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Brooklyn’s own Olso Roasters Coffee. Its sweet and spicy flavors and unique texture make for a perfect condiment to most cheeses. Kinderhook Creek, made by Old Chatham in the Hudson Valley, is an all-sheep Camembert style, unctuous and decadent, sweet and just enough salt.

Because no Valentine’s Celebration is complete without chocolate, we’ve chosen the Nunu Chocolates Beer Box, a 6 pack of truffles blended with some of the best microbrews around. Wash it all down with our Borough’s own Brooklyn Brewery Local 2, a Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale, a touch sweet and malty, a dessert in and of itself. The 750ml bottle is big enough to share, nearly as strong as wine, and full of effervescent bubbles.

1 4oz Jar House Made Bacon Jam  * 1/4 lb Kinderhook Creek
1 750 ml of Brooklyn Local 2 * 6-pack Nunu Chocolates Beer Box

All for just $50.

Add your choice of fresh bread from Sullivan Street or Roberta’s for the complete I LOVE NY experience! Pre-order at the cheese counter!

Greene GrapeI Love NYou
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Avery Salvation

As part of NYC Craft Beer Week we are featuring Avery Brewing of Colorado.  For all Beer Week Passport holders we are offering 10% off all large format Avery beers.  One of these being Avery Salvation, a Belgian Strong Golden Ale which is a lighter take on a Belgian pale ale.  Golden ale is based on a similar brewing process as Abbey ales but uses different yeast strains to give it a lighter color and body.  Don’t let the lighter appearance and flavor of golden ale fool you it is still bottle conditioned, which gives it a high alcohol content ranging from 6%-9% ABV.    Salvation contains a balanced array of fruit flavors including banana, peach, and apple as well has a bready yeast aroma.  While the alcohol is upfront it is smoothed out by a slightly sweet after taste with a hint of pepper on the finish.  Golden ale tends to complement most food due to it’s light body, though it is a great companion for a spicy dish due to the refreshing fruit flavors and slight hop bite.

Salvation is a great American take on this classic and very popular style.  Highly recommend for fans of the more popular Belgian brands and also perfect for sharing with your less adventurous friends who need a gateway beer to show them the way.  We all need a little Salvation.  

Greene GrapeAvery Salvation
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Avery Eighteenth Anniversary Ale

For this year’s NYC Craft Beer Week we chose Avery Brewing from Colorado as our featured brewery.  Despite their year-round offerings, including staff favorite Avery IPA, they offer some great seasonal and one time only brews.  As part of our Craft Beer Week celebration we are offering 10{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} all Avery large format bottles to  Beer Week Passports holders, if you don’t have one you can pick one up at the front counter.

One of these featured brews is Avery Eighteen Anniversary ale, every year Avery brews a celebratory beer for each year that the brewery has been open, this years offering is a Dry-hopped Rye Saison.  Saison ales originated in Wallonia, the French speaking region of Belgium, to be given to farm workers for hydration since there was often a lack of potable water.  Brewed in autumn or winter and stored until the late summer harvest, saisons tended to be strongly hopped during brewing in order to preserve the beer through the long storage period.  Despite the strong hopping of the beer saisons tend not to be bitter and because it is bottle fermented there is a pleasant yeast taste with a touch of citrus and spice.  The use of rye malts in the recipe adds a mild floral tone, while the dry hopping adds a touch of bitterness that adds a balance to the fruit notes.  Dry hopping is a process in which dry hops are added to the keg or fermenter after fermentation.

All in all Eighteen is a well-rounded yet complex take on a lesser known but very traditional style.  Avery suggests pairing with wild game, diver scallops, or a potato lentil soup.  This is the only batch of this particular style that Avery plans on brewing so get your bottle before they are gone!

Greene GrapeAvery Eighteenth Anniversary Ale
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NYC Craft Beer Week!

It’s time for Craft Beer Week and we are honored to be a part of this fantastic event again this year.  Bars, restaurants, and stores throughout the city feature some of the country’s best craft breweries and offer up some great deals.  To take part of this year’s festivities all you need is to pick up a NY Craft Beer Week Passport here at the Greene Grape or at any of the participating venues.  It is only $10 and gives you access to all of this year’s best deals and events including discounted bottles, $3 pours at bars, and special beer-centric dinners.

This year we are featuring beers from Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado.  Avery is a great craft brewery that we have been fans of for a long time.  Their brews are especially hard to find on this side of the country as they only distribute through one company on the East Coast!  With your Beer Week Passport you will receive 10{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} off all Avery large format bottles, throughout the week we will post some background and tasting notes on these great beers.

Craft Beer Week runs from September 16-September 25, to kick off the week we are lucky enough to have a representative from Brewery Ommegang stop by to open up a few bottles with us.  Along with these awesome American brews we are going to be pairing some Artisanal American cheeses from our case.   The tasting is Sunday September 18 from 3pm-6pm and is open to everyone and is the perfect post-brunch stop.

Greene GrapeNYC Craft Beer Week!
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Gluten-Free Beer Can Taste Good!

Since we opened our doors we have tried many beers (it is a tough life) including a number of gluten-free brews in search of an alternative for our celiac friends.  Sadly most were only “okay” or “good enough”.  Until we found Bard’s Gold by Bard’s Tale Brewing in Minneapolis.  It is a light and bubbly beer that is malty with a hint of molasses.

If you are looking for something a little stronger we also carry Green’s Quest Tripel.  Green’s is British brewery that specializes in Belgian-style sorghum beers.   Quest is a Tripel Ale which weighs in at 8.5{0886acb4f5be58b49bf4e022446f4168c3918f2aad77c1481cecb92c8f2156f3} abv, a light almost wine-like body with a slightly sweet and spicy flavor.

Another great alternative for celiacs is hard cider and in the case we carry 2 choices from a great NY-based company, Doc’s Draft Hard Cider from Warwick Valley Winery in Warwick, NY.  Doc’s Apple Cider is semi-dry and effervescent, with a crisp fresh apple taste.   For a little variety we also have the Doc’s Hard Pear Cider that is made from a blend of pears and apples all grown on the winery’s land.

Greene GrapeGluten-Free Beer Can Taste Good!
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Sixpoint Cans are Here!

Customers having been asking us about Sixpoint bottles since we opened.  Thankfully our wishes have been granted and then some.  Sixpoint Brewery beer is now available in 16oz cans!  Not only are these cans pretty snazzy but they are much lighter than bottles and keep the beer fresher.  In the case right now we have 4-packs of The Crisp, Bengali Tiger IPA, and Sweet Action.  Come on in and take home some of Brooklyn’s best craft beer!

Greene GrapeSixpoint Cans are Here!
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