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We Like To Party

Have you ever gazed longingly at the Provisions cheese case and wished the delectable dairy within could star at your next book club meeting? Ever peered hungrily at the sandwiches stacked in the deli case and thought how good they’d taste at your coming office lunch? If you have, you’re in luck! We are proud to offer our catering services for any type of event you can dream up. Our chefs, cheesemongers, and bakers lovingly prepare and plate all the food for you, using the same fresh, top quality ingredients we pride ourselves in stocking at the store. We’ll even deliver the food and drinks right to you.

Here at The Greene Grape, we don’t just want to put groceries in your fridge and wine in your glass. We want our food to make your next social gathering spectacular and your corporate events something to look forward to. From artfully plated cheese and charcuterie to customized sweet treats to fresh and colorful salads, we’ve got it all. We’ve also got a spiffy online menu which we think really simplifies the ordering process.

Let us help you make your next party a smash hit, and don’t worry, we promise not to crash.

Meg ChristmanWe Like To Party
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Pro Tips From Our Produce Team Pt. 2

Provisions Produce Buyer Nailah Griffin is no stranger to over-ripened and underused produce. To make the most of the fruits and veggies that come home from the market, Nailah has prepared some tips and tricks that go beyond snacks and traditional uses. You’ll be wasting less and re-purposing more in no time!

Part 2: Berries
Dandruff Fighter:
This one is great for those overripe strawberries you forgot about in the fridge! Mash 2 ripe strawberries and mix with 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply the mixture to your scalp and let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. This recipe also helps with fungal growth on the scalp due to the inhibiting properties of the magnesium, copper, and other organic compounds found in strawberries.

Compound Butter: This recipe can work for any overripe berries. Simply take 2 sticks of softened butter and add mashed overripe berries, blending until evenly distributed. In no time flat, you have a spread! Store in the fridge, or place on parchment paper, shape into a log, and freeze for later use.

Meg ChristmanPro Tips From Our Produce Team Pt. 2
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Pro Tips from our Produce Team

Provisions Produce Buyer Nailah Griffin is no stranger to over-ripened and underused produce. To make the most of the fruits and veggies that come home from the market, Nailah has prepared some tips and tricks that go beyond snacks and traditional uses. You’ll be wasting less and repurposing more in no time!

Citrus Peels

    1. Oven Cleaner:

For this tried and true cleaning tip you can use any type of citrus peel. Place leftover peels in a jar and cover with white vinegar, making sure peels are covered to prevent rotting. Let sit in the covered jar for 5 days to 2 weeks. Transfer to spray bottle, apply to oven and scrub. For more stuck on stains, add a few spoonfuls of baking soda!

    1. Lemon Pepper Seasoning:

Lemons offer a bright burst of flavor, but you can also use any citrus peel of your preference. This recipe is flexible depending on the number of peels you have around to use. Use a ratio of one grated peel to one tbsp ground pepper. Mix together and spread onto a lined cookie sheet. Place the sheet  in the oven at 200 degrees. Check periodically, giving a toss here and there until completely dried (about an hour). To achieve a fine grind, place peels in a spice blender, or use a mortar and pestle for a more coarse blend. Next, season with one tbsp of salt per peel. Mix and enjoy. Stored in a mason jar with a tight lid, this keeps well for about a month in the cabinet.

    1. Deodorant:

For a natural alternative, just rub the lemon pulp under your arms! The acid in lemon eats at the bacteria that causes odor.

Meg ChristmanPro Tips from our Produce Team
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Chicken Feet for the Soul

If you’ve ever stopped by our Whole Animal Butchery counter you may have noticed various animal heads, soap and candles made out of fat, and even jerky specifically for the canine in your life. If it’s not clear by now, we don’t like to let any part of the animal go to waste. In other words, the beauty of a by-product is in the eye of the beholder. Which brings us to chicken feet – the superfood you won’t likely see on the cover of any magazines.

If you have heard of any of the health benefits of bone broth, then you might easily understand why chicken feet are a secret weapon. Unlike other animal bones, chicken feet contain joints and are comprised of tendons and cartilage as well as bone. Chicken feet are chock full of collagen and trace minerals which are readily available to the body when cooked down in a stock. Take home a few and add them to your next pot of stock for an added golden color, rich texture, and of course substantial health benefit.

And if soups and stocks aren’t your thing, Provision’s butcher Demecia gave us a tip from her grandma – roast them in the oven and suck the collagen off yourself! (And for the truly curious, but totally uninspired chef – maybe just head to Chinatown for dim sum and order the Phoenix claws.)

Some of our favorite resources for chicken feet broth:
Nourished Kitchen
Real Food RN

Meg ChristmanChicken Feet for the Soul
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Citrus Circle of Trust

Come January, gone are the days of fresh picked apples. Locally grown berries and ripe stone fruit? A mere memory. Thankfully, citrus is in season, and one bite of these juicy, sweet fruits is a momentary escape to some far off grove. Read on and decide which is bite of Provisions produce is right for you!

Sweet: Cara Cara, Heritage Navel, and Blood Oranges, Pomelo (grapefruit’s less tart cousin)
Juicy: Page or Satsuma Mandarin
Extra Juicy: Sumo Mandarin – Nailah, our Produce Buyer’s top pick!
Tart: Oro Blanco and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Unique: Meyer Lemon (sweet and tart!)
Buddha’s Hand – This citrus has no pulp or flesh, but the rind gives off a heavenly citrus and lavender aroma. Add it to a cocktail, prepare in a marmalade, candy it or swap it for lemon in dressings or in batters!

Meg ChristmanCitrus Circle of Trust
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How To Roast a Boston Butt

We checked in with our Head Butcher, Lena Diaz to see how she would go about roasting one of her favorite cuts – the Pork Butt a.k.a. Boston Butt. Her biggest tip is to allow the meat to roast slowly. With a recipe this simple, you don’t have to make a day of it, but you will enjoy the aromas from the morning until the time you finally get to dig in at night!

One 8-10lb pork butt
Handful of toasted coriander seeds
Handful of toasted fennel seeds
4 cloves fresh garlic, pressed in a morter & pestle, or chopped finely
Ground Cinnamon
Salt a generous amount, this is a large cut of meat after all!

Alternately- If you’d rather get more creative you can also just clean out your spice rack. Make sure to toast any whole spices to make the most out of their aromatic qualities and of course use plenty of salt to rub!

The Night Before

1. Season your Roast
Rub the pork butt liberally with the toasted seeds, garlic, and salt. Add a dash of cinnamon all over the butt. Place the cut in a casserole dish and leave overnight.

Roasting Day
2. Remove roast from refrigerator and let it rest until it reaches room temp.
3. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees, about 15 minutes.
4. When both the oven and the roast are ready, place the casserole dish in the oven, uncovered.
5. Roast for approximately 8 hours, checking for tenderness periodically.
6. When the roast is fork tender you may remove it from the oven.
7. (Optional) If the roast needs a little extra color on the exterior, you can raise the oven temp to 450 degrees and let it roast for up to an additional 15 minutes.

Let it stand for a few minutes and then enjoy alongside roast vegetables and a glass of wine!

*Photo by Alberto Vargas 

Meg ChristmanHow To Roast a Boston Butt
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Tastings & Cheer at The Greene Grape


Thursday 12/22
Doc’s Absinthe – 5pm-7pm
Maybe Santa would like a shot of absinthe in lieu of milk with his cookies this year?

Friday 12/23
Polaner – 5pm-7pm
We’ll be popping open an all new rosé champagne!

Wednesday 12/28
Champagne Tasting – 5pm-7pm
A selection of champagnes tasted with our own Wine Buyer – Mike Robertson!

Thursday 12/29
Copper & Kings Brandy – 5pm-7pm
Taste this bold, spicy brandy that has aromas of orchard fruit, vanilla, caramel & brown sugar.

Friday 12/30
David Bowler – 5pm-7pm


Meg ChristmanTastings & Cheer at The Greene Grape
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November Tastings at Greene Grape

Gear up for the holidays by tasting through our shelves. Find the perfect gift, or ingredient for your holiday feasts!

Friday 11/11
Thanksgiving Tasting at Wine & Spirits 6pm-8pm

Pondini Cheese – 4pm-7pm

Saturday 11/12
Pilot Kombucha – 12pm-2pm
Join us as we debut the newest flavor in the Pilot line- coffee kombucha!

NY Shuk – 2pm-5pm
From the exceptional harissas to the pre-mixed spice blends, you can find endless enjoyable ways to use NY Shuk in your kitchen!

Sunday 11/13
Eat Chic – 12pm-2pm
For a modern (and locally sourced) twist on a classic treat, stop in for a bite of these delicious morsels.

Morris Kitchen – 2pm-5pm
Craft cocktail mixers and syrups to help make hosting a breeze this holiday season.

Kimichi Kooks – 5pm-8pm
Experience the wonders of lacto-fermentation and divine flavor.

Monday 11/14
Goldthread Herbs – 5pm-8pm
Herbal elixirs that bring botanical wisdom into your every day life.

Tuesday 11/15
True Made Foods – 5pm-8pm
Classic sauces made with additional vegetables to replace unwanted sugars.

Friday 11/18
Thanksgiving Tasting at Wine & Spirits – 6pm-8pm

Pippin Gelato 5pm-8pm
The newest gelato to hit our shelves- creamy and rich with inventive flavors like toasted malt and key lime pie.

Saturday 11/19
Hella Bitters – 12pm-4pm
Hand crafted bitters that will heighten any cocktail experience.

Victory Garden – 4pm-6pm
Light, yet creamy goat gelato is a perfect lower fat way to top your Thanksgiving apple pie.

Sunday 11/20
Goody’s Granola 11am-2pm
Filing soft baked granola, made by a father son duo right here in Brooklyn.

Noona’s Ice Cream 2pm-5pm
Based out of Harlem’s Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator, Noona’s ice cream is made using culinary techniques to draw out a rich depth of flavor without artificial mix-ins.

Monday 11/21
Revive Kombucha 5pm-8pm
Light and bright kombucha’s to get you through the long weekend!

Meg ChristmanNovember Tastings at Greene Grape
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Let’s Talk Turkey

We’re here to answer all of your Thanksgiving questions, and then some! Let us know what else we can do to make your Thanksgiving great by calling us at the shop (718) 233-2700 or emailing our Thanksgiving Coordinators at [email protected]

I want to serve a turkey I can feel good about on my Thanksgiving table. Can you help?
Yes! All of our meat is sourced from farms we know and trust, where high standards of animal welfare are respected. For a deeply flavored, pasture raised bird from a small farming operation based out of New Jersey, go for our Goffle Farms turkey. For a certified organic option, go with D’Artagnan. And if you don’t have time to hunt, but would like something more wild on your plate, try a Heritage Bronze turkey from Tivoli Farms, an older heritage breed which has a gamier flavor and hearty texture.

What size turkey should I buy?
We recommend estimating 1.5lbs per person for your table. A little more and you’ll be sure to have leftovers, a little less and you won’t have to think of turkey again until next year!

My Thanksgiving party is small. What if we don’t want a whole turkey?
For parties of 5 or less, opting for a turkey breast, or alternative bird like a capon, duck or goose may be a better option. We are also house roasting turkey breasts and legs for any smaller party needs. You can order all of this directly from our online order form.

How do I cook my turkey/capon/holiday ham/duck?
We provide cooking instructions with your bird and reheat instructions for sides and pies.

When can I pick up my bird?
We offer FIVE pick up windows for to choose from starting Tuesday 11/22 through Thanksgiving Day (11/24).

  • Tuesday 11/22 – 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday 11/22 – 4pm-8pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 – 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 –  4pm-8pm
  • Thursday 11/24 – 9am-1pm

Can I pick up turkey and sides on different days?
Absolutely! Please just place to separate orders with your desired pick up date in each one.

I’m in over my head and realize I need to pick up earlier than I thought. Can I change my pick up date?
Of course, simply email us at T[email protected] and request your new pick up window!

Do you guys make pie? I hate pumpkin, but I know my guests need to have it!
The dessert mavens at Scoops & Sweets are baking up a storm with three kinds of pie – NY State Apple, Maple Pecan, and of course, Classic Pumpkin.

How should I select wines to impress my guests this Thanksgiving?
Lucky for you, we put together an Annual All-American 6-pack of wines which features wines perfectly suited for whatever may be on your table.

For more tips, check out this helpful video featuring our Wine Buyer Mike Robertson and Thanksgiving Coordinator Meg Christman.

Will you be open on Thanksgiving?
Yes! All four Greene Grape businesses will be open regular hours during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Below are our hours for Thanksgiving day:

Annex: 8am-2pm
Provisions: 8am-2pm
Scoops & Sweets: 8am-2pm
Wine & Spirits: 11am-3pm

Meg ChristmanLet’s Talk Turkey
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October Tastings Schedule

Check in here for updated weekly tastings!
Friday 10/14
PM Spirits – Providers of geeky spirits perfect for a punch!

Saturday 10/15
Norwegian Baked Knekkebrod – 2pm-5pm
Baked with whole grains and seeds, come try this tasty and healthful alternative to processed crackers and bread.
Sunday 10/16
Bushwick Kitchen 2pm-5pm
Stop in for a taste of the insanely delicious Meyer lemon honey
Spread-mmms 5pm-8pm
Luscious, locally made cured black olive tapenade
Monday 10/17
Revive Kombucha – 5pm-8pm
Light and refreshing kombucha, our newest addition to the shop!
Tuesday 10/18
Crafty Primate – 5pm-8pm
Unlike any bread you’ve had before, try out these sourdough loaves made with wild wild yeast and in interesting flavors.
Friday 10/21

Copper & Kings Brandy, your cold weather friend

Saturday 10/22
Mr Maks Gin Bao – 2pm-5pm
Friday 10/28
Breuckelen Distilling – Whiskey tasting

Saturday 10/29
One Culture Foods – 2pm-5pm

Sunday 10/30

Meg ChristmanOctober Tastings Schedule
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