Brandy & Meatballs: The Unexpected Couple

While most of us associate brandy with the post-meal course of the night—a decadent dessert digestif—grape distillates actually pair nicely with a wide variety of savory dishes. They, too, deserve consideration during the meal alongside wine, beer and cider.

Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy is a bit of an iconoclast in the world of American brandy, and especially in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, the center of Bourbon country. While many California distillers aim to make a delicate, subtle product reminiscent of the great brandies of Cognac, these guys take a cue from their whiskey-making neighbors and like to emphasize notes of vanilla and caramel inherent in American oak barrels. Because of this richness, it lends itself nicely to rich dishes such as duck, foie gras, strong cheese, or Provisions house made turkey meatballs.

Like all of our catering and prepared foods options, our turkey meatballs are made in-house from scratch. Made from free roaming Goffle Road turkeys, our ground turkey meat incorporates the rich and flavorful dark meat to produce an unctuous and flavorful meatball. Topped with marinara and pecorino, these are a hearty accompaniment to your party spread, weeknight meal, or brandy tasting!

Carla Bueno-SandersBrandy & Meatballs: The Unexpected Couple