Nom Nom Nomz: Soup Anytime, Almost Anywhere

While we’ve hyped up our house made soups in the past, as well as West African Egunsi soups, there’s a third option to warm you up without having to have the stock pot simmering all day. Nomz soups, in four delicious pan-Asian varieties, have all the flavor you’re looking for, with none of the work.

Founders Tony and Cat wanted to hark back to their parents’ savory Asian soups, often made in large, family-size batches with leftovers frozen for later. They also wanted a healthier option for fellow busy New Yorkers than greasy fast food or watching produce wilt in the back of the fridge. So they launched Nomz, crafted from traditional Asian recipes, with authentic flavors including Chinese chicken shiitake and Korean brisket radish, using clean ingredients like organic chicken and local mushrooms, and no preservatives ever.

Stock up on Nomz at home for those nights when stepping in front of the stove is just a little more than you can handle, or stash some in the freezer at work; just make sure they’re clearly labeled, because everyone will want some!

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Carla Bueno-SandersNom Nom Nomz: Soup Anytime, Almost Anywhere