Let’s Talk Turkey

We’re here to answer all of your Thanksgiving questions, and then some! Let us know what else we can do to make your Thanksgiving great by calling us at the shop (718) 233-2700 or emailing our Thanksgiving Coordinators at [email protected] 

I want to serve a turkey I can feel good about on my Thanksgiving table. Can you help?
Yes! All of our meat is sourced from farms we know and trust, where high standards of animal welfare are respected. For a deeply flavored, pasture raised bird from a small farming operation based out of New Jersey, go for our Goffle Farms turkey. For a certified organic option, go with D’Artagnan. And if you don’t have time to hunt, but would like something more wild on your plate, try a Heritage Bronze turkey from Tivoli Farms, an older heritage breed which has a gamier flavor and hearty texture.

What size turkey should I buy?
We recommend estimating 1.5lbs per person for your table. A little more and you’ll be sure to have leftovers, a little less and you won’t have to think of turkey again until next year!

My Thanksgiving party is small. What if we don’t want a whole turkey?
For parties of 5 or less, opting for a turkey breast, or alternative bird like a capon, duck or goose may be a better option. We are also house roasting turkey breasts and legs for any smaller party needs. You can order all of this directly from our online order form.

How do I cook my turkey/capon/holiday ham/duck?
We provide cooking instructions with your bird and reheat instructions for sides and pies.

When can I pick up my bird?
We offer FIVE pick up windows for to choose from starting Tuesday 11/22 through Thanksgiving Day (11/24).

  • Tuesday 11/22 – 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday 11/22 – 4pm-8pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 – 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 11/23 –  4pm-8pm
  • Thursday 11/24 – 9am-1pm

Can I pick up turkey and sides on different days?
Absolutely! Please just place to separate orders with your desired pick up date in each one.

I’m in over my head and realize I need to pick up earlier than I thought. Can I change my pick up date?
Of course, simply email us at [email protected] and request your new pick up window!

Do you guys make pie? I hate pumpkin, but I know my guests need to have it!
The dessert mavens at Scoops & Sweets are baking up a storm with three kinds of pie – NY State Apple, Maple Pecan, and of course, Classic Pumpkin.

How should I select wines to impress my guests this Thanksgiving?
Lucky for you, we put together an Annual All-American 6-pack of wines which features wines perfectly suited for whatever may be on your table.

For more tips, check out this helpful video featuring our Wine Buyer Mike Robertson and Thanksgiving Coordinator Meg Christman.

Will you be open on Thanksgiving?
Yes! All four Greene Grape businesses will be open regular hours during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Below are our hours for Thanksgiving day:

Annex: 8am-2pm
Provisions: 8am-2pm
Scoops & Sweets: 8am-2pm
Wine & Spirits: 11am-3pm

Meg ChristmanLet’s Talk Turkey