October Tastings Schedule

Check in here for updated weekly tastings!
Friday 10/14
PM Spirits – Providers of geeky spirits perfect for a punch!

Saturday 10/15
Norwegian Baked Knekkebrod – 2pm-5pm
Baked with whole grains and seeds, come try this tasty and healthful alternative to processed crackers and bread.
Sunday 10/16
Bushwick Kitchen 2pm-5pm
Stop in for a taste of the insanely delicious Meyer lemon honey
Spread-mmms 5pm-8pm
Luscious, locally made cured black olive tapenade
Monday 10/17
Revive Kombucha – 5pm-8pm
Light and refreshing kombucha, our newest addition to the shop!
Tuesday 10/18
Crafty Primate – 5pm-8pm
Unlike any bread you’ve had before, try out these sourdough loaves made with wild wild yeast and in interesting flavors.
Friday 10/21

Copper & Kings Brandy, your cold weather friend

Saturday 10/22
Mr Maks Gin Bao – 2pm-5pm
Friday 10/28
Breuckelen Distilling – Whiskey tasting

Saturday 10/29
One Culture Foods – 2pm-5pm

Sunday 10/30

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