Fresh and Local in the Produce Aisle

With sweet summer fruits coming into season just around the corner, we’re taking a moment to savor the (mostly) green vegetables that kick off the season. From tender to sturdy with unexpectedly bright flavors,  these vegetables are a delight on the grill, in the pan, or simply as is.

Top Picks from the Produce Team:
Brooklyn Grange Mixed Greens and Arugula
On a rooftop less than a mile away, these greens grow happily and healthfully under the care of some of the best farmers, who then harvest and deliver them personally to our doors. Local agriculture at its finest!
Garlic Scapes
A short ramps season is okay, because now we have scapes. These fibrous strands of the garlic plant shoot up above the soil each Spring. Enjoy them grilled or made into a pesto to add a garlicky kick to your meal.
New Potatoes
This is pretty much the best potatoes are gonna get all year. These freshly dug potatoes generally have more moisture content which makes for a more luscious potato experience.

What else you’ll find:
Heirloom Zuhccini
Squash Blossoms
Green Kale- This is now local and very good from Marolda farms
Local Broccoli – Upstate NY
Mint thyme Rosemary cilantro dill
Green garlic
Garlic chives
Snow peas n
Snap peas
English peas
Fava beans

Meg ChristmanFresh and Local in the Produce Aisle