Ronsel do Sil Ribera Sacra Godello Vel’uveryra 2013

“Taut, lively and pure, with great balance and briny floral and mineral flavors.” 

In this week’s Dining section, the Ronsel do Sil Ribeira Sacra Godello Vel’uveyra 2013 ($20) was picked by the NYT’s tasting panel as “Best of Tasting” and “Best Value” in a lineup of 20 Godello-based wines.

Saved from extinction by a dedicated cadre of Spanish growers, the Godello grape produces “richly textured and floral … energetic, lively and balanced” whites.

Luckily, we were able to snag the last 2 cases of the Ronsel do Sil available in New York.

Only 24 bottles in stock.  No case discounts apply. To order click here or call us at (718) 797-9463.

Meg ChristmanRonsel do Sil Ribera Sacra Godello Vel’uveryra 2013