Fun Guys & Gals at Provisions’ Featured Farm

Fungi Ally – North Amherst, MA

With a focus on mushroom education as well as cultivation, Fungi Ally brings enrichment for the mind and body! Fungi Ally cultivates a variety of mushrooms both indoors and outdoors on their farm, and places an emphasis on sharing their growing practices with fellow fungi fanatics. Aside from being expert mushroom growers, the team at Fungi Ally are all practicing educators from the undergraduate to graduate level. They offer a series of talks and hands-on workshops to educate their local community on the medicinal and culinary benefits of mushrooms.

Here at Provisions, you can find oyster mushrooms cultivated by Fungi Ally. These mushrooms contain particularly high levels of protein and amino acids and are great in a variety of dishes. We recommend them to add texture to a flavorful stir-fry, or lightly sauteed in butter on their own as a side dish.

For more info on Fungi Ally and the various cultivation classes they offer, check in here.

Meg ChristmanFun Guys & Gals at Provisions’ Featured Farm