High on the Hog!

Variety is the spice of life and today we’re happy to announce that our Whole Animal Butcher Program is going the extra mile as Head Butcher Lena Diaz introduces a new heritage breed of pork into our store alongside our classic offerings.

Let’s talk about what differences these varieties bring:

The Greene Grape Newbie- Berkshire Pork
A special heritage breed, the Berkshire is admired around the globe. The high quality is first seenin the deep almost purplish color of the meat, and comes through further with a denser mouthfeel and rich, almost gamey flavor unlike typical commercial breeds.

Ye Olde Standby- Tamworth & G.O.S.
The Gloucester Old Spot and the Tamworth are heritage breeds that truly symbolize the kind of slow food, anti-industrial production that we prize at our shop. These old breeds are big & broad and when crossed together the result is a flavor profile is more delicate, succulent and moist. These qualities lend to the production of our juicy housemade bacon.

Stop by the counter soon and participate in our piggie pageant! Ask our butchers for preparation tips and mix up your weekday meals with a taste-off in your own kitchen. Don’t forget to share with us the results!

Angela GelsoHigh on the Hog!