Love Grace, Love Ice Cream

At this time of year we could all use a little pick me up. Whether your mood is blue or your fingers are, we have a rainbow of new treats to boost you back to normal!

First up is a line of juices from Love Grace. Based in Long Island City, they create cold pressed juices with high quality, organic fruits and veggies.  Each juice contains more nutrients than we have time to write about, but check out their glowing reviews on literally every health website.

The second flock of treats that we’re sure will rid you of your winter woes is Three Little Birds vegan ice creams. Cashew and peanut based, these are decadent and rich with flavorful ribbons and cookie mix-ins – like the Ben and Jerry’s of vegan ice cream! Even more so than the taste, you’ll be surprised at how simple the ingredient list is on each pint.

Treat yourself to sunshine in a bottle or happiness in a pint!


Greene GrapeLove Grace, Love Ice Cream