2011 Beaujolais for the New York Times Wine School

We’re very excited for the second edition of Eric Asimov’s wine school in the NY Times and the opportunity to be home-schooled on wine.  This month Eric features 2011 Beaujolais.  Unfortunately all of the bottles he spotlights are out of stock and even the ones he mentions in his April 2013 article are currently unavailable in NY.  But never fear!  Your intrepid local wine store is here!  With all the praise Eric lavishes on the 2011 vintage we found 2 bottle of Beaujolais, one regular Beaujolais Villages and one from the Julienas, a named appellation and both from renowned producer Pascal Granger.  Grab a bottle (or two), pop the cork and get thee to the discussion forum.


Pascal Granger Beaujolais Villages 2011 ($16)

Pascal Granger Beaujolais Julienas 2011 ($21)

To order, call us at (718) 797-9463.  We ship nationwide and deliver locally by bike and in Manhattan and Brooklyn by van.

Greene Grape2011 Beaujolais for the New York Times Wine School