Made Fresh, Made Local

Nestled in an earth-tone box like precious jewels lie a perfect batch of ravioli, each bursting with the flavors of hand made seasonality.

Northern Farmhouse Pasta is a family-owned and operated shop located in the legendary Catskill Mountains of NY. Established in 2011 as a small family owned artisan pasta shop, they craft various dried & fresh pasta, along with their signature ravioli, using NY organic flour, local cheese and produce from surrounding farms. Their ravioli is a means of packaging what is grown on the farm and providing it right to you to enjoy.

The flavors change every few months, and this Winter they are offering Spinach and Cheese, and Cherrywood Smoked Mushroom with Cheese. In the Spring, expect ramps and garlic scapes, and sweet corn in the Summer. The ricotta comes from Tonjes Farm, the flour from Cayuga Pure Organics, and the vegetables from neighbors, including Mountain Sweet Berry Farm.

After boiling, we invite you to toss these with browned butter, a bit of applewood lardons and fresh herbs, or your favorite sauce. A handful of freshly wilted arugula or spinach certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.

Greene GrapeMade Fresh, Made Local