I can’t believe it’s not Mayo

When we first read about Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, made in California, we were instantly smitten. The adorable label was eye catching, and the flying rumors that the texture and flavor were so much like the real thing was irresistible. Alas, it was only available on the west coast – we were so smitten that we searched high and low for it on our trip to San Francisco 2 weeks ago, but stores were sold out!

What a surprise to find out that it debuted on our wintery shores last week! We grabbed some spoons and twisted the cap… the texture is in fact perfect, not too greasy or chalky, and the flavor is lemony and fresh! And no eggs means no cholesterol, so it’s all good fats.

Just Mayo will be great for any sandwich, salad dressing or dip base, and we’ve even got an open jar in the deli, if you want to give it a try! Ask for a taste, or switch it out for the usual stuff on your Brooklyn Mooseum for just 2 quarters more.

Greene GrapeI can’t believe it’s not Mayo