With Brooklyn having the most diverse population in the world, our city is rich with different traditions for celebrating the coming new year. In Brazil and Italy, lentils are considered to be a symbol for prosperity. Thanks to Timeless Food, we too have a diverse mix of these little legumes, from the dark, wee French de Puy style to the bright Harvest Gold variety. Not just a good luck charm, but lentils are a great protein that will help you kick 2014 off to a healthy start.

Eating Black-Eyed and Yellow-Eyed Peas are a tradition that has its origins in the South-East. They are a humble, nutritious food staple that also symbolizes prosperity. We get a Yellow-Eye variety from Rancho Gordo, which are dense and creamy, holding up beautifully as a side dish, with greens, or in a soup.

In NYC, we all like to treat ourselves to a little something special, and quite often this means caviar. We are stocking the wonderful, not-too-expensive American Sturgeon Hackleback for the holiday. Harvested from the rivers and lakes of Tennessee and Illinois, these tiny black beauties are from sustainably raised Sturgeon. They are dry and strong, with a briny zest. We have a very limited supply, so order today!

Happy New Year, Brooklyn!!

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