Spread Love the Israeli Way

We’re always thrilled when we can host a Smorgasburg regular on our shelves, and NY Shuk and Brooklyn Sesame are no exception. These two Brooklyn-Israeli artisans recently brought us samples that we couldn’t resist!

Ron and Leetal from NY Shuk taught us about Harissa, a condiment of North-African descent. While many of us have had the Moroccan version, the crew from NY Shuk explained that in that region, every family makes their own, delicious version. Always based on roasted peppers, theirs are first sun-dried, then hand ground into a paste with white wine and spices – but not spicy! It’s excellent with meats, cheeses, and of course, cous cous!

Brooklyn Sesame makes a spreadable Halva in a variety of flavors, from Crunchy Sesame to Cocoa & Sea Salt. What is halva, you ask? It’s a sweetened tahini confection, made from ground sesame seeds, sometimes crumbly, but in this case, smooth and creamy like peanut butter. For the winter season, Shahar blends in cocoa and sea salt. We’re sure your ideas are limitless with this one!

Greene GrapeSpread Love the Israeli Way