Make Ours A Double

We recently set a lofty goal for ourselves – double the size of our whiskey selection for the fall/winter seasons. The task wasn’t easy but we were determined. Grueling hours tasting through whiskey after whiskey – deliciously sweet bourbons, spicy ryes, smoldering single malts, experimental blends, and mind bending moonshines. Once the smoke cleared and we had whittled the list down to our favorites, our selection of domestic and imported whiskeys had increased twofold.

To celebrate this new plethora of goodies, we have six whiskey-themed events planned throughout October and November, including two visits from local distilleries and a tasting/discussion hosted by local author and whiskey aficionado Clay Risen. We’re kicking off the fun this Friday with a tasting of two single malts from Scotland and two New York ryes.  Explore our expanded selection here and here and see our listing of upcoming whiskey events below.

Friday, October 11 – Whisky vs Whiskey
Two single malt Scotches, two New York State rye whiskeys

Friday, October 18 – A Visit from Breuckelen Distilling Co.
A side-by-side tasting of Breuckelen’s Rye/Corn Whiskey and Wheat Whiskey

Friday, October 25 – Wild American Whiskey
A lineup of unique spirits from Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan

Friday, November 8 – A Visit from Kings County Distillery
A sampling of Kings County’s Bourbon and Moonshine hosted by our very own Andrew Lohfeld, who splits his time between the distillery and Greene Grape

Friday, November 15 – Tasting and Discussion
An evening with Clay Risen, New York Times editor and author of American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye:  A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit

Saturday, November 23 – Be Thankful for Bourbon
A Bulleit Bourbon tasting on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to steady you for the gluttonous holiday

Greene GrapeMake Ours A Double