Nduja Love Me?

Charcuterie fans, rejoice! Njuda is finally available in NYC! Made by our friends at La Quercia, this spicy, porky salami is totally unique in it’s class. For you see, Nduja isn’t something you slice… it’s a smooth, spreadable paste, and spiked with hot peppers.

La Quercia is a family run business, with a true love for the animals, the process, and the final product. They ensure that the few farmers they work with are raising pork sustainably and responsibly, use organic spices and recyled and biodegradable packaging, and ultimately make a delicious array of prosciuttos, pancettas, bacons, and more.

Sustainable means nose-to-tail, and what better way to use the rest of an animal but to make salami? La Quercia has done just that with Nduja, grinding excess bits of cured meat with fat and hot peppers. Nduja is best shmeared on bread, but is an amazing red sauce starter, like you might use anchovies or pancetta!

Greene GrapeNduja Love Me?