Sure, Autumn brings cravings of pumpkin, hot cider and warm spices. Take a break from the cinnamon, and warm up by pouring a glass of Spanish El Parajo Rojo Mencia wine, with a caliente array of Tapas from Provisions.

In Spain, tapas are served alongside glasses of vino, beginning with cured, canned seafood like Matiz Octopus, Cole’s Mackerel, Trout and Sardines, or Ortiz Mussels. Bursting with spice and salt, these will all have you reaching for a second pour. The next round of little appetizers is usually charcuterie, like Salumeria Beillese Chorizo or thin slices of Jamon Serrano and Mangalica, alongside aged cheeses such as Aged Manchego, Romao, and smoky Ibores. A handful of spicy mixed olives and Marcona Almonds add brine and crunch. Get creative by making layered bites on toothpicks, mixing and matching salty, pickled, crisp and chewy.

If you’re a bread lover, try making Pan con Tomates, by rubbing simple yet perfect end-of-summer Tomatoes over fresh crusty bread, a little garlic, salt, and a healthy drizzle of Dauro Olive Oil and El Majuelo Sherry Vinegar for tang.  If you have leftovers, go ahead and puree these with a few extra tomatoes and red peppers, and you’ve got Gazpacho!
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