Celebrate Summer!

With Labor Day just around the corner, we’re stocking up on all sorts of great food for the grill! Celebrate the last days of warm Summer sun with some of our favorite sausages, fresh meat and interesting treats!

From the meat department, our handmade fresh sausages span the globe in flavor, from Lamb Merguez to Italian Hots. We’ll be fully stocked in FREEBIRD chicken breasts, PLAINVILLE ground turkey, and of course, every cut of steak imaginable. We’ll be grinding beef for you burger fans often… don’t forget the cheese!

In the fridge, you’ll find a handful of great pre-cooked chicken sausages from BROOKLYN CURED. Spicy chorizo, sweet apple, and garlic sausages can be tossed on the grill to be toasted. And BROOKLYN HOT DOG‘s Classic Beef or Beef & Pork, for the traditional types. Vegetarians, we’ve got you covered too! FIELD ROAST Vegan Hot Dogs and Italian Sausages are perfect with a shmear of REGAL VEGAN Faux Gras or CIBO Tapenade. Or grab a slab of Halloumi, the cheese that grills! And don’t forget the locally grown peppers, eggplants, summer squash and juicy peaches from produce, or round out your meal with heirloom NY and PA-grown watermelon and canteloupe!

Greene GrapeCelebrate Summer!